September 01, 2014

Oh hello hello. Is that you Mabel? What’s with the grin? Oh, you’re done are you? You have wares to share? But do you have a website? WHAT!? You do?


Well I think you’re very lucky to still have people to share with. That’s ok, don’t hide, I don’t mean to rouse. I’m sure all will be forgiven but may I please, pretty please, finally have a look at what you have hiding in your room?


{The door is flung wide with pride, light blinds at first but after an adjustment I am surrounded by piles of pillows and quilts, pattern and colour.} Oh Mabel… Mabel! Quick, we have to let everyone know about these IMMEDIATELY!



And folks, the doors are well and truly flung open.  The new look Oh Mabel website and 2014 new products are ready for you to explore!




Sarah & Mabel xo

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