Tea for Two :: Mabel interviews Katie Macleod

April 11, 2017 1 Comment


I think Katie and Mabel were always destined to find each other.  Mabel sounds like she's made herself right at home with Katie in her QLD home and I'm sure they shared way too many coffees over this interview and all sorts of gossip!  I also love that Katie's first order with Mabel (first of many!) was order number #1111 and I remember thinking that can only mean good things.  

I thoroughly enjoyed having the chance to chat with Katie, so please grab a cuppa, have a sit down and enjoy.... Tea for Two :: Mabel interviews Katie Macleod!


Katie, where do you currently live?

Kin Kin, in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland, QLD.  I live with my husband George, daughter Catherine, some chooks, Max the fox terrier and soon to be cows!


Which Oh Mabel lovely product calls your house home?  Who is the lucky soul who sleeps with Mabel?

I have quite a few Oh Mabel products, some of which are used in my room but also the guest room.  I love, love the Annie’s fields pillow cases which are currently the ones on my bed!


Favourite Mabel memory/moment? 

Putting fresh Oh Mabel  linen on so we could come back to fresh, clean sheets after camping and also numerous coffee’s in bed.


What do you currently have on your bedside table? 

I currently have the Susan Duncan book The House on the Hill on my bedside table along with the current issue of Country Style magazine.  Also, some hand cream.


What are you currently reading in bed?

The 2 above


Bed time tunes?

None, love the peace and quiet at that time


Favourite breakfast eat in bed?  For that matter, last time you got to eat breakfast in bed?!

If I could choose, it would be a really good coffee and a croissant.  I got a coffee this morning at 5am before George and Catherine left on their road trip :)


If you could choose anything in the whole wide world:

What would you spend your days doing as a career?  Food tester of some description!

Where would you live?  Other than Kin Kin, probably Italy.

Who would you get to cook for you everyday?  Yottam Ottolenghi, I love his cook books!

What special talent do you wish you could have?  I wish I could sing, I am terrible! {Oh Katie, me too, me too! - Sarah}


If you could go back and give your teenager self some advice, what would you say?

Stop rushing, enjoy the ride and be confident.  {Perfect advice grown up Katie, I wish I knew this too - Sarah }


Fast Five:

Top sheet/no top sheet? Top sheet

Make your bed every morning?  Yes, most definitely.

Sleep on left side or right side?  Left side

Usual Bedtime? 10pm

Night owl or Early riser? Both which leaves me too tired most days :)



Thank you so much Katie!  Mabel and I thoroughly enjoyed our chat with you and we look forward to catching up again with you soon and your adventures with Mabel. xo

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Katie Gregerson
Katie Gregerson

December 20, 2018

Great interview! I like coffee and bed as well.

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