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Why Organic?

Well, why not?  Things need to be bought.  They do.  They need to be coveted, and lingered over, and exchanged for money and treated as a prized possession!  However our desire for new and beautiful products doesn’t have to mean that the products we love are mass produced using harmful processes to people or the environment.

Without getting too technical (or preachy!), standard cotton is often grown in developing and third world countries using a variety of harmful practices and processes, which also include the use of chemicals and pesticides.  These chemicals are not only passed on through the product to our everyday lives, they also have a huge negative impact on the land where it grows and contributes significantly to illness of the men, women and children working in the fields and their families.  And the term working is used very loosely here… the workers are often paid way below the minimum wage, if at all.

Our organic products are certified by GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) which aims to change the manufacturing process for cotton and cotton related products.  Certified organic cotton is grown using alternative practices that do not use harmful harvesting or production methods, for both the environment and the people working with the cotton.  The certification covers all aspects of the cotton cycle including harvesting, weaving, manufacturing and even the labeling of the end product.

In addition to our cotton being produced using certified organic practices, we also ensure that our dyes used for printing are low-impact and fibre reactive, without compromising on colour quality.

Our dedicated team in India are a family oriented, women operated enterprise.  They operate using Fair Labor standards such as SA8000 which defines acceptable work practices and minimum conditions and enforces that no forced or child labor is acceptable.

Quality wise, no difference.  Socially and environmentally wise?  A real difference that benefits many.

But lucky You doesn’t have to weigh up the pros and cons of going organic and free trade, cos mabel already has!  All oh mabel products are produced using GOTS certified organic cotton and manufactured using environmental and social standards.  And why not!!