The 'Why' behind Oh Mabel 23rd May 17’

Oh Mabel and owner Sarah Power the story


Yesterday morning I was getting ready and putting on my uniform of late, jeans and a white long sleeve shirt.  As per most days I decided I needed a splash of colour and my mind instantly went to yellow.  It always goes to yellow.  It's my happy colour :)


Instantly I went into regret.  I used to have an enormous double length, warm, cosy yellow scarf that I adored.  I assumed I had thrown it away.  I really wished that I had that yellow scarf to put on, I knew it would have made me smile.


It was the scarf I wore throughout my pregnancy with my daughter Elinor.  This photo above was taken only days before she was born and then sadly passed away.  Five years ago.  I don't have the original photo anymore.  I wished I did as you would see the gorgeous yellow of this scarf I loved so much.  The reason I love yellow so much (and which coincidently is the yellow of Oh Mabel's pinwheels...).  I thought perhaps that I had thrown it out because it's memories were too painful...


I turned to my wardrobe to sort through my scarves, to see what scarf would 'make do'.  And you would never believe it.  Right there, right at the very, very back, behind every other single colour, was my enormous, double length, warm, cosy yellow scarf.  I had kept it.  I must of known that one day I could wear it again.


Instantly I put it on.  I smiled.


I went out to meet my husband.  He saw the scarf.  He smiled.


And then I cried.  But then I smiled.  


And I smiled all day.




This is the power of textiles.  Of colour and pattern.


Yes, I want to bring you happiness when you receive any product from Oh Mabel but what I truly want is for Oh Mabel to bring you that same connection with love and life as my yellow scarf did yesterday.


To one day pull out your Mabel pillowcases from the linen cupboard and smile.  Not at the pillowcases.  But at the memory it invokes in you.  Of a time when Mabel was sitting there quietly in your life, the background to something small, like watching your daughter practice her first ballet recital in your bedroom or  even the big moments that can take over everything.  Or the everyday moments, the nights in bed with a good book or lazy Sunday mornings.  Of the happiness or sadness, because both are important.  But to treasure what that memory means to you.  


That is the 'why' behind Oh Mabel.  


Thank you for being part of my memories.


Love Sarah & Mabel xo

FREE GIFT Happy Birthday Mabel 20th Apr 17’

Oh Mabel Birthday Free Gift


And just like that, in a blink of an eye... Mabel is turning SIX!


My heart swells with pride when I think back over the last 6 years.  


To say thank you, to everyone who has been on this journey with Mabel and me, whether you've been there from the start or you've just recently discovered us... Mabel and I would like to send you a small gift.  From us to you.


Over the next week, until 27th April 2017, everyone on our mailing list will receive a gift voucher for $20.  It's our little way of giving back to so many of you who have supported us.  Please feel free to use your gift on any of our beautiful limited edition collection of pillowcases, cushions and throws.  What's on your wish list?


If you're not on our mailing list yet I'd love for you to be part of the celebrations so please feel free to join us here and we'll be sending out the details of your free gift.


I'm holding back the tears!  But check back on the 27th April 2017 for Mabel's official birthday and I'm certain the waterworks will be in full flow!

With love


Sarah & Mabel xo


:: Sign up HERE to join us for your free $20 gift voucher {valid to 5th May 2017 - just in time for Mother's Day, hint hint} :: 



Dear Mabel 19th Apr 17’

Oh Mabel Customer Review by Naomi Bulger
"Dear Sarah,
The Oh Mabel pillowslips arrived this week and I put them on the bed last night.  As I lay down, I had an unexpected memory of staying at my at my friend’s grandmother’s house by the beach.  Fresh cotton sheets and the smell of sea salt and Iced Vo-Vo biscuits after afternoon tea every day.  I fell asleep thinking about house, and listening to imagined waves on imagined sand.  
Love Naomi”


The most kindest words by the most kindest of ladies, Naomi Bulger. This is how Mabel was created, by memories.  And how I envisage her life in your homes, bringing nostalgia, creating new memories.  Thank you so much Naomi for giving me this lovely handwritten keepsake and to be treasured in Mabel’s album forever.



Tea for Two :: Mabel interviews Katie Macleod 11th Apr 17’

 Oh Mabel Customer Reviews Interview with Katie

I think Katie and Mabel were always destined to find each other.  Mabel sounds like she's made herself right at home with Katie in her QLD home and I'm sure they shared way too many coffees over this interview and all sorts of gossip!  I also love that Katie's first order with Mabel (first of many!) was order number #1111 and I remember thinking that can only mean good things.  

I thoroughly enjoyed having the chance to chat with Katie, so please grab a cuppa, have a sit down and enjoy.... Tea for Two :: Mabel interviews Katie Macleod!


Katie, where do you currently live?

Kin Kin, in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland, QLD.  I live with my husband George, daughter Catherine, some chooks, Max the fox terrier and soon to be cows!


Which Oh Mabel lovely product calls your house home?  Who is the lucky soul who sleeps with Mabel?

I have quite a few Oh Mabel products, some of which are used in my room but also the guest room.  I love, love the Annie’s fields pillow cases which are currently the ones on my bed!


Favourite Mabel memory/moment? 

Putting fresh Oh Mabel  linen on so we could come back to fresh, clean sheets after camping and also numerous coffee’s in bed.


What do you currently have on your bedside table? 

I currently have the Susan Duncan book The House on the Hill on my bedside table along with the current issue of Country Style magazine.  Also, some hand cream.


What are you currently reading in bed?

The 2 above


Bed time tunes?

None, love the peace and quiet at that time


Favourite breakfast eat in bed?  For that matter, last time you got to eat breakfast in bed?!

If I could choose, it would be a really good coffee and a croissant.  I got a coffee this morning at 5am before George and Catherine left on their road trip :)


If you could choose anything in the whole wide world:

What would you spend your days doing as a career?  Food tester of some description!

Where would you live?  Other than Kin Kin, probably Italy.

Who would you get to cook for you everyday?  Yottam Ottolenghi, I love his cook books!

What special talent do you wish you could have?  I wish I could sing, I am terrible! {Oh Katie, me too, me too! - Sarah}


If you could go back and give your teenager self some advice, what would you say?

Stop rushing, enjoy the ride and be confident.  {Perfect advice grown up Katie, I wish I knew this too - Sarah }


Fast Five:

Top sheet/no top sheet? Top sheet

Make your bed every morning?  Yes, most definitely.

Sleep on left side or right side?  Left side

Usual Bedtime? 10pm

Night owl or Early riser? Both which leaves me too tired most days :)



Thank you so much Katie!  Mabel and I thoroughly enjoyed our chat with you and we look forward to catching up again with you soon and your adventures with Mabel. xo

The beauty of letter writing {guest post Naomi Bulger} 28th Mar 17’

Oh Mabel The beauty of handwriting


My dear friends, 


It is with great pleasure that I share this guest blogger with you today.  The subject is something very dear to Mabel's heart, the beautiful tradition of letter writing and the guest is a new friend who I already consider to be one of those most special of friends.


Please meet Naomi Bulger (who you can find over on her gorgeous instagram account @naomibulger).



When I first met Naomi, through Instagram, I instantly thought that her and Mabel must be long lost friends!  Their values and traditions are so similar although I'm sure Naomi's temper isn't as remotely as explosive as dear Mabel's ;)


Naomi's special gift to this world is her love of letter writing and her oh-so-sweet artworks that adorn her 'snail mail' envelopes.  I received one of Naomi's handmade creations after seeing a very kind call out for recipients on Instagram and it took me DAYS to open as I put aside a little time each day to draw out only one element of her special package and to admire the care and attention in each detail.  Receiving such a heartfelt letter made me realise how special that personal connection is.  Especially in a day where communication is often quick and to the point.


I hope you enjoy reading Naomi's words as she describes how she fell in love with the art of letter writing.


Naomi, thank you xo



I once read about an experiment in which a girl hand-wrote, in calligraphy, every text message she sent for a week. Whenever someone sent her a text message, she would write her answer on a piece of paper – or a napkin, or the back of a menu – then take a photograph of it and send it back.


It was supposed to be a project to improve her calligraphy, but the experiment revealed so much more. She learned that handwritten messages – even when photographed and sent via SMS – carried a personal touch, and allowed for more self-expression. “Flourishes,” she said. And she learned to slow down and put more thought into what she was saying.


“Writing out responses is a great reminder to slow down and use your hands,” she explained. “While all keys on a keyboard feel the same, it’s difficult to replicate the tactile activity of tracing a letter’s shape. The connection between the hand and mind allows written language to flow easier.”


I had been writing letters to strangers for a long time before I started writing letters to my friends.


The letters to strangers were part of an ongoing art project, and I loved crafting them, thinking about the unknown hands that would hold them in unknown families and unknown homes.


But it wasn’t until I decided to quit Facebook, about 18 months ago, that I started writing to my friends as well. Facebook had come to play an increasingly negative role in my life, but I had hesitated from leaving it because I was afraid I’d lose contact with out-of-town friends.



In an effort to stay in touch, I pledged to write more letters to my friends. What made it easier was giving myself permission not to have to write lengthy epistles every time. I collected postcards, note-books, greeting cards, paper bags, basically anything with room to write on it, and whenever I thought of my friends, I simply wrote it down and posted it off.


Little missives: status updates, text messages, by hand.



“We went out for spaghetti last night and it reminded me of that time you and I had dinner on Brunswick Street and put on fake American accents all night.”


“Madeleine started kinder this week and she has never been prouder of herself. How is little Rosie? Send me pictures!”


“We drove for two days to give the kids new adventures and fresh experiences, and so far the highlight for them has been discovering that Peppa Pig plays on TV in Queensland, too. Parenting fail!”


“Do you remember the last time you were visiting, you picked those flowers and we pressed them? I found them! Here they are! I’m thinking of you.”


My letters and notes are rarely long, nor particularly profound. Just little snippets and mementos of my life and thoughts and emotions.


But to my friends, when these ‘tangible texts’ arrive in their letter-boxes covered in stamps and often bearing the creases and stains of their journeys across land and sea, bearing the smudges of my pen and the scrawl of my handwriting and the mistakes of my spelling… they carry so much more value and meaning than any number of love-heart emoticons could ever express.


For me, a handwritten letter is mindfulness, creativity and hygge all rolled into one. It is a personal, tangible artifact of a friendship. It is an act of love, because in our over-scheduled, multi-tasking lives, there is no greater gift you can give someone than the gift of your time.


A handwritten letter can bring joy for a moment or joy for a lifetime, in the re-reading. But it almost always brings joy. 


Thank you Naomi! What you do brings joy to so many people.


Please do check out more of Naomi's musings and to sign up to her 1000 postcard project - right here.


Mabel's 5 top tips for creating a healthy sleeping environment, for body AND mind 20th Mar 17’


It was Sunday morning.  At 6am.  At this time of year the sun is still asleep, as are the birds.  It’s dark and silent and being a Sunday morning at 6am it’s a perfect time to keep sleeping.


Until a pillow flew across the room and woke me up as it landed squarely on my face.


Alarmed, I quickly sat up, quilts and pillows flying.  From the dim light coming through the doorway I make out a bodily shape with a flowing nightgown.  I’m even more alarmed at finding a Mabel standing in my doorway, clearly cross, with arms in front of her chest, glaring eyes and furrowed eyebrows.


With a sigh, and what I know will be regret, I ask ‘Mabel?  What is it?’.


Another pillow flys across the room, again hitting it’s target.  My head.


Frustrated beyond belief I stumble out of bed and follow Mabel into the hallway.  As I said, it’s 6am.  It’s dark.  It’s way too early to be up to this nonsense.


I follow the flowing nightgown down the hall and into her bedroom.  Before I can enter her doorway though I find a fistful of papers being flung at my face.


“Mabel, if you throw one more thing at me this morning before I have my cup of tea I’m going to…”. Before I can suggest the suffering she will endure under my revengeful hand she cuts me off with a glance and points at what appears to be a pile of numbers and facts.


“Fine”.  I glance down at the letter and I start to understand.  Mabel is troubled.


She looks up at me “Why does no one KNOW this?”.


Indeed Mabel, indeed.


And so, under Mabel’s strict instructions I give you her top 5 tips (orders) for a healthy and restful sleep, for both body and mind.  And which I would also like to note that she woke me up from a healthy and restful sleep to give me these 5 tips so I would like to add tip number 6 being “Don’t let a slightly eccentric crazed night owl lady named Mabel sleep in your house”.



Mabel's top 5 tips for a healthier sleep, for body and mind



  1.  Do not rest your precious face on toxic chemicals!

          Oh Mabel organic pillowcases for a healthier sleep


You would think this is common sense but you would be so surprised by how many people do not now this and which is the number one reason Mabel is kept up most nights.  Conventional cotton is the most pesticide loaded crop in the world.  And these pesticides are carried through into the final cotton material we use for everyday items in our home.  No matter how many times they are washed.  Certified organic cotton on the other hand is grown the natural way, without pesticides and other harmful chemicals which means the end material isn’t exposing you to potential health problems caused by all these nasties used to kill things (like bugs and weeds!).


I know that replacing all our household textiles with organic cotton can be a big investment but I do recommend starting out small and making sure that the place we lay our head on for 8 hours a night is as beneficial to us as possible.  Start with organic cotton pillowcases.  Not only is this a less expensive start to upgrading but more importantly, this is where your precious skin, face and breath rests all night and we really need to make sure we're keeping that space free of toxins. Plus, if you choose a colour or pattern that sings to you you will be able to mix them up with your existing linens and also with your new organic sheet set upgrades 😃 


  1.  Bring some greenery into your bedroom



Creating a healthy sleeping environment for body and mind
{image credit Hitta Hem}


 This is definitely Mabel’s favourite tip!  Having a plant in your room is like having a natural air sanitiser.  They breath in dirty air and pump out good clean air for us, all night long.  Plus they help us connect to a world bigger than us, Mother Nature.  Smart little green beings that they are!  If you’re like me you will want to try to find something that is hard to kill.  I haven’t found what that is yet but Mabel suggests a ZZ plant for those with a brown thumb like me. 


 3.  Remove all technology


Your bedroom is your sanctuary and if your sanctuary is reading your kindle or watching your favourite late night shopping channel I totally understand.  However for the sake of good sleep please consider removing all devices at least half an hour before sleep.  This could mean having a special drawer for your kindle, iPad and phone and a scarf or throw to cover the tv.  The light and emissions emitted from digital technology is not conducive for a healthy sleep so best to remove them entirely.


4.  Sleep in your favourite pyjamas


How to create a healthier sleep environment

{organic nightie by Alas The Label}


Oh do!  Have something that you just love and feel amazing in.  You wear this outfit more than any other outfit you own.  Every single night for hours and hours.  Choose a beautiful fabric (preferably organic for the reasons in 1 above), choose a pattern and colours that sing to you and feel special.  Because no matter how your day has gone you deserve to feel amazing at the end of the day. And the same goes for your bedding but that’s a whole other post!


5.  Be grateful


A grateful mind helps a better nights sleep

{image source Be A Heart}


You all know that having a daily gratitude list is the number one thing we can do to improve our mood and mental health, right?  And I believe that by thinking grateful thoughts right before sleep can really help us to settle easier and do away with all those self doubt thoughts that creep in during the night.  Rather than have the same grateful list each night though I find that I like to think through my day and come up at least 5 little moments that made me smile.  Doing this rather than generic "I’m grateful for my family” I find I come up with special little things that I would have forgotten.  So rather than “I’m grateful for my my daughter” I would think  “remember that time today when my daughter followed her dog around like a lost duck underneath the apple tree and the afternoon sun glowed through the leaves".  Somehow it makes a world of difference to my mood and outlook on life and it especially eases my mind into a restful sleep.


And so my dears, these five little tips are, ironically, what woke me up in the early hours of Sunday morning.  Sleep and time for rest and restarting ourselves is so essential to our wellbeing and I hope you can incorporate at least one of these tips.


And of course, for a toxic free sleep and a good start to upgrading to organic cotton bedding please check out our range of handmade organic cotton pillowcases.  In a range of colours and patterns they are a great way of not only ensuring a healthier sleep and so many great benefits for your skin and lungs but they are also a great way of adding personality into your bedroom.  Something you will be remembered for 💛


To start your journey to an organic and healthy sleep, for body and mind, shop our LIMITED EDITION collection of luxury organic cotton pillowcases.  All made with love, for your memories.  AVAILABLE ONLINE

Oh Mabel Organic Vintage printed pillowcases

{image credit Practising Simplicity}

Tea for Two :: Mabel interviews Lauren Dixon 7th Mar 17’

Why customers love Oh Mabel


Mabel and I are so happy to finally bring back our interview series!  Each month we set out to chat to our customers and enjoy a cuppa and some fun time together.  It's one of my favourite things to do and I've missed is sorely this last year.


For our first chat back in 2017 Mabel has a chat to Lauren Dixon from Sydney.  Lauren has been a fan of Mabel since we first started and it's been so lovely watching her grow her Mabel collection.  I'm truly honoured that in some way we are part of Lauren's memories in her gorgeous life.


Thank you Lauren!


Ok Mabel, she's all yours...


Lauren, where do you currently live?

I live in Potts Point, Sydney with my lovely bearded boyfriend and sexually confused cat called Poppy.


Which Oh Mabel lovely product calls your house home?  Who is the lucky soul who sleeps with Mabel?

I’ve been a huge fan of Oh Mabel since 2011 when i ordered my first set of yellow pinwheel sheets and fell instantly in love with them! I am now the very proud owner of 1 x Ziggy Zaggy Quilt, 1 x Annie Fields’s sheet set, Eloise Blush pillowcases and two sets ( older set currently used for the cat’s chair) of pinwheel sheet sets. Safe to say i’m a bit obsessed!


 {Mabel} Oh thank you!


Favourite Mabel memory/moment? 

For years i lived in a tiny studio and my bed was the first thing you saw when you walked in. Every winter when i was able to put the Ziggy Zaggy on the bed i was so excited as it made my little home look so warm and comfy. If i’m honest i also spent  a great deal of time eating dinner, having drinks, working, basically living on that bed and Ziggy was there through it all :) 


What do you currently have on your bedside table?

My bedside table is a bit of a shambles but i have a lamp, some books, a polaroid camera, iPhone/radio thing and a David Bowie mask - just your normal bedside table haha.


 Oh Mabel Interview


 {Mabel} I think we're all going to need a bit more info on the WHY there is a Bowie mask!    And Sarah says she needs one asap.


What are you currently reading in bed?

Currently i’m reading two books,. “The French Lieutenant's Woman” by John Fowles and Andre Agassi’s autobiography “Open”


Bed time tunes?

I’m a bit of loser and love listening to ABC Classic FM in bed or the Out of Africa Soundtrack - dont judge!


{Mabel} Oh me too!


Favourite breakfast eat in bed?  For that matter, last time you got to eat breakfast in bed?!

Hmm it’s a toss up between ham and cheese croissants or  vegemite toast with a cup of tea but when i’m trying to be healthy a green smoothie - not quite as exciting!!


Do you have a special textile or pattern that holds a special memory for you? 

Over the years i’ve been to India a few times for work and pleasure and i just get obsessed with their textiles, especially their bedspreads and tablecloths ( i’m a 70 year old in a 34 year old’s body). On my first trip i bought a beautiful cotton, elephant print bedspread that i carried on top of my backpack for 8 weeks and years later it still brings back the most wonderful memories and reminds me of a fabulous sense of adventure. 


If you could choose anything in the whole wide world:

What would you spend your days doing as a career? Is there a job where you can eat cheese and drink wine all day?

Where would you live? Italy

Who would you get to cook for you everyday? A gorgeous Italian nonna who would make me homemade pasta every night - YUM

What special talent do you wish you could have? Photographic memory


If you could go back and give your teenager self some advice, what would you say?

Don’t stress about your body, you’re actually pretty thin!! However the blue eyeshadow is a mistake .


Need any major life advice from Mabel? 

Mabel, help i still struggle to wear high heels all night! How can i fix this?


{Mabel} Um... slippers Lauren.  It's all about the slippers.  Preferably at home.  With a cup of tea.   I asked Sarah for her help on this one which I ignored as she was prone to walking home with heels swinging from her hands so not the best source there either I'm afraid.  Anyone?


Fast Five:

Top sheet/no top sheet? Def top sheet!

Make your bed every morning? Yep! I physically can’t leave the house with an unmade bed!

Sleep on left side or right side? Left side

Usual Bedtime? 9.30-10pm weeknights a little later on the weekend

Night owl or Early riser? Early riser!! Hello 5.30am :)



 Lauren, it has been an absolute pleasure getting to know you!  Mabel and I are truly delighted that we get to be part of your life and I have a feeling you and Mabel could share 'Nanna' tales for hours.  Thank you so much!

Mum Hack 101 :: Organic pillowcases make perfect bassinet sheets 7th Feb 17’

yellow organic pillowcase for bassinet sheet


When Erin, one of my lovely customers, shared this image of her gorgeous daughter as she outgrew her bassinet it created a mum hack sensation!


Did you know you could simply use a pillowcase to cover your bassinet mattress as a sheet?  Which means you save on having to buy new tiny sheets that will only be used for a few months?  And if you use your organic pillowcases you know that your baby is sleeping in a non-toxic environment.


I've had babies.  I've had bassinets.  I've had organic pillowcases galore in my linen closet.  Did I ever connect the dots?  No!


Use your existing pillowcases or invest in some new organic cotton pillowcases in pretty prints to use when bub moves out of the bassinet which really has you saving money!  If you like the look of the pinwheels used by Erin here (which are sold out) you might like these pretty yellow alternatives available for $109 per pair.  



A year of fresh beginnings 23rd Jan 17’

Oh Mabel 2017 New Releases
Oh hello!  And hello 2017!


I'm not a big fan of setting new year resolutions but I am very passionate about having dreams and figuring out how to get those dreams off your pretty little organic pillowcase and into your world.  Or in my case, off Mabel's organic pillowcase and into my world!


Mabel and I have always had big dreams, and the dreams for the next five years are pretty huge.   BUT, this year is not going to be about big milestones and big goals.  Oh no, not 2017.  This year is going to be about going back to basics and laying the groundwork for Mabel’s future.


And I couldn't be more excited.   As you may know, both Mabel and I have had some traumatic bumps in the road since Mabel began.  Losing my daughter in 2012 was and still is something that stops me in my tracks most days and I know that will be a life long recovery.  For Oh Mabel, it is the repercussions of releasing a product that did not meet my high standards due to a manufacturing partnership not meeting expectations {and hence the Heartbreak Sale in 2015}.


The subsequent years have been a series of reactions and mending rather then choosing our own directions.


And we've both said enough!  It's our time now and we're ready for 2017 to be about reconnecting with all things we value.  For connection and meaning and living our values.  To living our purpose.   To live with excitement and happines and sharing that joy through our products.  To living and promoting a life that represents the change we want to see in the world.  It will mean little steps and this year will certainly see Mabel take little steps forward but they will be beautiful little steps.


So what are we working on?


New Partnerships New Makers


Oh the due diligence on this one has been huge!   What makes this a longer process than most is the questions that we ask. It’s asking who the makers are, what do they believe in, how do they treat their workers, how is the raw material being sourced and how are the farmers treated, what are pay and work conditions, what education opportunities are available and so on.  Plus of course, the detailed questions on quality and lots of testing on my end (which is the fun part!).


A wonderful new partnership is starting to take form, again in India with a small dedicated team of makers. We are about to go into detailed sampling for a new range of sheet sets and then production will begin.  Yay!!  From there, we are looking at another 3-4 months for production to be completed and have my new gorgeous lovely Oh Mabel products shipped out to me and then make their way up to the mountains where I can then hide them in my attic.  Or find them all lovely new homes!


New organic cotton sheet range


As part of my theme for 2017, the new range is going to be teeny tiny small.  We’re going back to the ground roots of Oh Mabel.  We’re starting again.  The first products to come out of my new partnership in India will be sheet sets and standard doona covers in 3 designs.  One design is a firm favourite of Oh Mabel’s already, another is a collaboration with an amazing designer who worked with me on this over a year ago now and I’m sure she’s desperate to get her hands on her sheets already!  And the third is a new design that doesn’t even involve print… ooh the suspense!  While not printed she is very much inspired by memories, and texture and pattern and I think you will love her.


All sheets are made from gorgeous luxurious organic sateen cotton.  You are going to LOVE the new fabric!


New Australian Made Wool Blanket


A year in the making and made right here in Tasmania, by one of the oldest wool mills in Australia, these wool blankets are going to be super soft, and super big.  Big enough to wrap around a king bed and to keep a whole family warm this winter.  A traditional and sweet design in hues of blue there are going to be only 32 in production and they will come in their own box custom engraved with your family name.  They are a true investment piece and I can not wait to get them out into the world.  Expect to see them released to my mailing list in March this year (join our mailing list here for first dibs!).


New Quilted Doona Covers


In the tradition of favourites such as Ziggy Zaggy and Cowper St I will go back into production half way through this year to get new quilted donnas out to you.  Designs have been in the works for years but finding the right production method that doesn’t involve factory or trade labour is not easy. I am excited about making these happen though and creating something beautiful but useful in your everyday life that also represents the tradition of craftmanship and lifetime heirlooms.


New Stores 


As you know, Mabel is a kinda old fashioned type of gal.  And I know that one thing that irks her the most is that I sell everything for her online.  She doesn’t get the satisfaction of seeing customers gently stroke her fabrics or gasp over her designs.  I just know that she has a grand vision of Oh Mabel being sold in gorgeous country towns with cottages, verandahs and a tree-lined Main Street filled with the general store, the baker, the butcher and the candle stick maker. While I let her envisage 1927 I would like to fulfil her dream and get Oh Mabel out into the stores that you would love to visit.  Beautiful homewares and gift stores that Mabel could only dream of.  In that, I would love to ask you, are there any favourite stores that you would love to see Oh Mabel in?  If so, hit reply and let me know!


And onward!



So that's a little bit of what's going on in mine and Mabel's world.  Little steps forward and lots of big dreaming about our future.  It's going to be a fun journey we're all going to take together and I am so looking forward to what this year is going to mean for us all. 


In the meantime though, while Mabel takes her little steps and I do all the hard work to put her plans into action (seriously Mabel!), please do check out our handmade cushions and pillowcases.  They are truly special and were made with you in mind.  For your memories, for your moments, for your amazing life.  So much love and attention has gone into these creations and represent my beliefs in toxin free fabrics, freedom and safety for manufucturing industries around the world and the tradition of craftmanship.  Organic pillowcases in vintage inspired designs, sustainable linen cushions and throws can all be discovered HERE.  


Lots of love

Sarah & Mabel


P.S - You can also find a lot of behind the scenes over on Instagram (here) and previews of new products will be available though Mabel's mailing list (sign up here).  If you know someone who shares our our vision of joy, creation and sustainability I'd love for you to send them over!  Share this blog post or tag them on social medal, Mabel is forever hankering on about not knowing enough people (you'd never know though by the amount of tea parties she throws!).

Today is my life. 23rd Aug 16’

Oh Mabel Blog

Today is my life.  


Not tomorrow.


Not when I lose 5 kgs.


Not when I become a 'better mother'.


Not when my house is finally clean.


Not when I have my dream house.


Not when I have a fully funded retirement account.


Today. Today I will be grateful for all I already have. For all I have already achieved.


Don't let your life pass by while you're waiting for your ducks to line themselves up.


Live the journey.