Mabel and the paparazzi

April 12, 2016

Mabel will tell me it's her beauty.  I will tell her it's my talent and passion.  We will argue.  We will throw an odd pillowcase.  But still we will not come to agreement who is the driving force behind all the attention we received in the first 18 months after launching.


In part, I think there was a little bit of luck, a little bit of timing as there were a small handful of new bedding at the time, a little bit of courage to ask people if they would have a look at what I do and a whole lot of connection with what Oh Mabel set out to achieve.  New homewares with a sustainable focus can really stand out.  


I am so honoured to be able to walk down memory lane of Mabel's first two years and be able to see how she was welcomed with open arms.


Oh Mabel Organic Cotton Quilt  Adore Magazine


Adore Magazine.  The very lovely Loni featured Oh Mabel and Ziggy Zaggy within the first week of launching.


Oh Mabel Quilted Doona Cover Real Living


The lovely Erin, stylist for Real Living Magazine not only bought her own Ziggy Zaggy but also styled him up for this amazing room.


Oh Mabel Organic Cotton Ziggy Zaggy Home Beautiful


Simone, one of my lovely customers had her home featured in Home Beautiful.  Ziggy of course had to go and quilt bomb. Of course.


You would think it was the Ziggy Zaggy show but the sheets drew in the nostalgic side of people.


Oh Mabel Vintage Inspired Bedding Frankie Magazine


Frankie Magazine wrote about Mabel on the first day of their new website.  That very nearly broke my website.  Thank you Frankie :) 


Oh Mabel Printed Bed Sheets Real Living


Real Living once again dressed Mabel up and oh my did she look divine.


Oh Mabel Organic Cotton Bed sheets Creature Comforts


Creature Comforts.  One of my favourite blogs and one of my favourite people to follow.  Ez.  She's amazing and she was so so so nice.  Like super sweet nice. 


And there were the odd features on ME.  Not Mabel.  Not Ziggy.  Not my characters of sheets.  Me!


Like the random but absolutely amazing experience of being interviewed for The Big Issue Taiwan.  Still to this day I don't know what the article says but I have some lovely Taiwanese customers so I can only assume it was nice.


Oh Mabel Daily Imprint Interview


And the interview at Daily Imprint which to read now breaks my heart but fills me with joy and pride.  I remember writing the replies to Natalie  and feeling so excited and hopeful.  It was only 16 days after this interview was published that I gave birth to my daughter Elinor.  For me, this interview is so full of innocence. I can just feel the emotions of the old me.  I do smile though reading this now.  Such an exuberance for life.  I still have it.  Just with less exclamation points.  I love that I can follow my own journey linked in with Mabel's story.


There have been so many other amazing mentions of Mabel and what I do, I would love to list them all but with limited space I can only say thank you and show huge amounts of appreciation for everyone who has shared our work.  Thank you!


Looking back at all of what was achieved in those first two years of business has given me such a sense of joy and I remember the roller coaster ride of wondering if anyone would ever even know what I do and would they ever like it.  And you know what, sometimes it all just works out.  And it's always been so nice to see my work in a magazine or a blog I love but what shows me the most that Oh Mabel provides value is a first time customer buying her first pillowcase set, or my repeat customers I know all by name who have a Mabel collection even I envy, or my future customers who pin, and share, and covet that they too may be a Mabel customer one day.


Now of course, I have a whole new stable of super stars.  And a whole lot of new stars still to come.  I'm excited to see where Mabel will end up next.


And just think, what if I didn't START five years ago?  What if I was too scared?


Is there anything you have been too scared to start?  Is there anything you are going to regret in five years time of not starting?


What is it that you NEED to start?


Sarah & Mabel xo


P.S - If you haven't already, I would love to invite you to join the Oh Mabel mailing list.  There is a 20% special offer for all orders during April and I will also be drawing a giveaway that only our mailing list will be entered in.  The link to sign up is here.

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