An Awakening

March 25, 2014

Mabel has been sleeping and dreaming, snuggled deep under the blankets, pillows strewn everywhere.


Someone has opened the curtains though, and sunlight is streaming across the bed causing Mabel to blink and open an eye, squinting into the day. “A cup of tea, I MUST have a cup of tea!” Tentatively, a foot darts out from beneath the Ziggy Zaggy quilt, tests the temperature and assured it’s not yet slipper weather, steps down onto the rug covered floor boards. Sitting up, Mabel stretches her arms above her head, eyes still not completely open then rubs a kink in her neck. “I feel like I’ve been asleep for nearly a year, (Well yes Mabel, yes you have… your hibernation is done!) a cup of tea will fix that though.”


Stepping out into the hallway, transfixed on the idea of a teapot warming, she passes her guest room, all packed up, the linen put away, the bed is bare. “Hmmm, an empty bed? Where is the colour? Where is the pattern? Does no one stay here anymore? “ Perplexed she leans against the door way, mindlessly twisting the tail end of her plaited hair. Suddenly she spins, a whirl of colour and movement as the robe disappears down the hall… “ New prints, new colours, new patterns… quick!”. The office door slams.


And that was the last I saw of Mabel a couple of months ago. I hear her mutterings, scraps of paper and pens being thrown around and the smell of tea constantly coming out from under the door of her retreat. She must be ready to share her hard work soon…


Yes she is!  I am so glad to tell you all that Mabel has finished with her designs and we are getting ready to start all over again!


I can’t wait to share with you the next chapter for Oh Mabel which includes a new look, website and fresh nostalgic inspired bed linen.  There are new sheet sets to add to your collection, the much anticipated return of Pinwheels and Ziggy Zaggy and a new gorgeous quilt in time for the colder months.  


I am so excited to be back and look forward to sharing Mabel's new journey with you all. 


Sarah & Mabel xo

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