{5th Birthday Month} Mabel's Favourite Moments

April 18, 2016

In Mabel's room, under the windows, there is a small bookcase where she keeps all of her treasured items.  There is a collection of fabrics from various childhood memories, there are books with dog-eared corners and scribbled notes, photos peaking from shoe boxes and tiny little dolls from all countries of the globe.  There is also one special book, a leather bound full sized album that is one of my favourites in the book case.  I go in there sometimes, when Mabel isn't around, and sneak a glimpse into one of Mabel's most treasured collections.


The album is full of emails and letters and photos from customers she has been in contact with since the beginning of 2011, five years ago.


Oh Mabel Bed Linen Organic cottong

{image credit: Jodi Wilson, Practising Simplicity}


There is an email about a time a burglar broke into a customers house and used Eloise Blush as their loot bag.  Can't you just imagine it?  I see a cat burglar dressed all in black with a beanie.  Sneaking on tip toes in an exaggerated fashion, tip toe tip toe.  Eyeing off all the treasures and not knowing  how to transport all of her new finds (the burglar is a woman in my mind, now similar to cat woman).  She eyes the bed, it looks so inviting with those pretty blush patterned sheets. maybe she could just lie in it for a little while before continuing with her thieving?  So tempted.  But not why she is here!  She must continue and get to the jewels!  With a glint in her eye she takes a pillow of the bed.  Ah!  She things.  I am a cat burglar, maybe I'll just burgle this beautiful pillowcase.  And so she slips it off the pillow, gently placing the bare pillow back in it's place on the bed and she tosses the Oh Mabel pillowcase over her shoulder!  Happy, she prances off, tip toeing to the jewel cupboard and takes her share of tiaras and pearl necklaces and slips them into her pretty burgler sack, feeling very proud of herself.


Well.  That's how I imagine it :)


And talking of thieving, it appears to be a common theme for Oh Mabel.  Georgia got in contact with me all the way back in 2012 after her favourite family quilt was stolen in a house burglary (yep, I'm thinking the same thing you are thinking, same thief for sure!) and wanted something new that she could treasure and be part of her new family.  The quilt was to be in her wedding and it was such a sad story that it couldn't be.  But I think Zggy Zaggy did his job just beautifully and will become a truly treasured item.


Oh Mabel Ziggy Zaggy Quilted Doona

Oh Mabel Organic cotton donna cover

{Image Credits:  Emily Raferty Photography}


Mabel isn’t all gypsies tramps and thieves though!  Mabel has also won herself a place at school.


One day, a couple of months after I announced the Heartbreak Sale, Mabel and I received an email from Anna.  Anna had bought some sheets during the Heartbreak sale and she wrote in to not only tell me how excited she was to be able to nab a sheet set but also that she used my sale as a case study in a communications and ethics class.  Anna is a high school teacher and she told me that her students looked at how I handled and communicated the situation I encountered.


"We looked at two things within that situation, one the role that social media can play in terms of reaching and communicating with their customers including a recognisable, personal "voice" and personality as well as creating solutions to challenges that may come up in every business and how best to resolve them (win/ win). "

 Oh Mabel journal

I have also been very fortunate to be in a position to help with donations for various fundraising events.  After the floods of 2013 that affected my parents home town in Bundaberg, Oh Mabel donated 12 quilts to a local charity in the region and the quilts were provided to families who had lost everything.  I couldn’t imagine being in a similar situation, of those first weeks after an emergency.  Feeling so lost and unfamiliar and not having anything that has a connection to you to give you comfort and support. I am told the quilts were well received, I was only too glad to be able to give. 


It was during this donation that I also started a conversation with the owner of the charity that helped facilitate the donation to Bundaberg.  Desley ran a charity in Brisbane who helped those effected by crisis.  And I mean real, deep down gut wrenching crisis.  Des would tell me the most horrifying situations about those who she helped.  People who had lost their homes, mothers and children leaving a violent home, people coming out of emergency care.  Des was there for them to try to get people back on their feet.  She would, through donations, try to get together packages ‘starter kits’ that could include kitchen items, bed linen, clothes, food - items to allow people to look after themselves during a time of tragedy.  During this time I donated over 30 sets of sheets with many of the sets being given out within 24 hours to single mothers and their children.


This message I received from Desley and I have kept ever since to never let me forget how easy it is to help change someone’s life.


Hi Sarah

Already I have some wonderful feedback for you from one of our Mums who has asked to me to thank you from the bottom of her heart.  She told me that she has NEVER owned a new set of sheets, and she could NEVER EVER afford to buy the quality sheets that you have donated to her.

Thank you so much for being so wonderful!




For the last few years I have been working on a way to be able to donate bed linen on a regular basis for organisations who provide starter kits for people in crisis situations.  It is still a progressive project but I hope to be able to announce a new Oh Mabel initiative in the near future.  I believe that a gift of something brand new, not something second hand and used, can be truly uplifting and inspiring to someone who simply needs a reason to keep getting up every morning.  I hope to be able to provide that on a consistent basis soon.


So many stories.  So many images.  Mabel and I are so grateful to be intertwined with such amazing lives and events.


Here’s to another five years of amazing stories!



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