And now we look ahead! Thank you for celebrating Mabel's birthday

May 03, 2016

 Thank you to everyone who celebrated with me as Mabel turned FIVE last month.  Thank you for humouring me as I turned all nostalgic on you as Mabel and I remembered the good and the bad.

Now, we look towards the future.  What possibly could it hold?


New products?


New sustainable cuddly loveable fabrics?


New patterns? New colours?



New collaborations with other designers?


New stories?

Oh my yes!

Sheet sets returning?



So much to look forward to!


First and foremost though, Mabel and I are working the hardest on getting our organic cotton sheet sets back up and running.  They are what we do best and we feel like we’re missing a limb by not being able to send out our signature sheets out to you.  We are working closely with new suppliers and we are slowly getting towards agreement on being able to produce high quality organic bed linen once again.


I’ll have lots more to share with you about this process which I look forward to getting out soon.  Especially as I talk about my reasons and views on producing overseas.


Meanwhile though, I would love to welcome you to sign up to our monthly mailing list to be given early viewings on new products and a special pre-sale on a very exclusive product that will be released soon.  There will only be 30 of these Mabel ‘specials’ released.  THIRTY!  And Mabel’s mailing list will have the option of viewing and purchasing before everyone else.  Just sign up here.  And thank you to everyone currently on Mabel’s mailing list!  The next email with our monthly giveaway winner will be sent out on 24th May.


{pssst - the mailing list received a special code for 20% off up to 8th May.  I've had some people try it and it didn't work but it's all fixed now!  Try 'mabelisfive' at checkout ;) }



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