A Five Year Anniversary - Our 'kind of' elopement to Kilchurn Castle 25th May 16’

Five years ago today, I married my best friend.


We kind of eloped.  Kind of.  We didn't really keep it a secret but we didn't really tell anyone.  We invited family and my parents, my brother and my Nanna joined us in Scotland to be married.  In fact my brother and my Nanna came with us on our honeymoon, a road trip around Scotland and it is probably one of our most memorable holidays.  We've never laughed so much.  Oh, the stories Nanna can tell after a whiskey!


Weddings mean so many things to different people and it truly needs to be a representation of who you are and what brings you both meaning and joy.


Ben and I are solitary people so a wedding without an audience suited us perfectly.  Yes, we would have loved to share it with all our closet friends and family, absolutely!  But that one day was for us.


This stop motion video was produced by two of the most beautiful souls.  Soph and Si of Bayly & Moore joined us through gale force winds to join us at Kilchurn Castle.  Thanks to them, they have given us something so truly memorable that we look back on often.


So much joy and laughs.  No matter that we have been thrown life's hardest challenges, we are still best friends.  We still seek out joy and oh boy, do we laugh.


Enjoy xo