My love for pattern and colour and texture, oh my!

June 07, 2016

Pattern and colour and texture.  Oh my!  My life is so very connected with pattern and colour and texture.   They are the anchors that connect me to special moments and people in my life.  It may be a pattern in my memory, of a cover with triangles that reminds me of times spent with my grandmother when I was a child.  Or a texture of wool that reminds me of the bond and love of family, a gift from an Aunt who I never got the chance to know properly.  Or a colour that connects me to a moment with my Mum and her beauty, a certain shade of blue with white polka dots from the night she went off to the ball.  All very special and interwoven memories within my life.  And so now, I too create with pattern, colour and texture to create connections and anchoring moments.  To create a special and joyful life for us all.


This image from Bec of @ofheartandhome captures all of my sentiments so perfectly.  This is a memory.  This is a special and joyful life.  I hope Bec’s family will always associate this special one single moment and the magnitude of this love whenever they see the blue and white quilt that is Cowper St.



{Only a couple of Cowper St organic cotton quilts remain in single and double sizes and I won't be making them again this year.  So please enjoy $50 of these last remaining Cowper St and create your own beautiful bed time memories}

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