Oh Mabel Mabel Mabel, where are you?

April 04, 2014

Oh Mabel Mabel Mabel, where are you? Why am I staring at an empty linen cupboard?


You dreamed, you awoke, you spent months in a flurry ready to fling your new patterns into the world. And yet where have you gone?? Can’t you see the lovely people out there waiting?


I asked these questions and frustratingly Mabel muttered off some fairy tale that started with Once Upon A Time but seemed to end with evil gnomes under bridges conspiring against her…



Which I’ve taken as an explanation for the sad bare cupboards I'm looking at! Between here and my lovely hardworking suppliers in India, we have experienced some serious roadblocks which has delayed getting Mabel out to you all.  I think I have said ‘Not long now!’ so many times that even I can’t hear it any longer and way too embarrassed to say it here to you now.   


I thank you all for your patience and for all your kind emails and messages saying you can’t wait for new products and when can I get my hands on them!   


Mabel and I thank you for your patience and support.  I am so looking forward to sharing a date with you soon and a special gift for you as a sign of our appreciation.    


Sarah & Mabel xo

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