Poor Mabel

June 04, 2014

Poor Mabel.  She’s been in a bit of a state lately.  She’s been so excited in the planning and creation of a new range of sheets and quilts and yet she hasn’t been able to share any of her excitement!  She had a  bit of a tanty yesterday, and when I say tanty I mean she stomped her foot and flicked her hair which isn’t exactly high drama yet for her was quite out of character. 


“There are people waiting!” she exclaimed “ What is the use of me staring at these pretty patterns when winter is here and all those patient folk don’t have new quilts to snuggle under!”  



Indeed Mabel, indeed.



Luckily Mabel’s lovely email friends don’t have to wait  any longer to get a glimpse of the new quilted doona, Cowper Street and a chance to pre-order in time for the cold days ahead!

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Sarah & Mabel xo


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