Favourite Things

November 18, 2014

With everything being so fast paced in my life right now (hello I have a six month old daughter, what?! seriously, when did that happen?) I try to stop and take a small moment just to take in what is going on around me.  Be it a gorgeous glowing sunset, a fresh jam drop from the oven or a hilarious joke between my husband and I it always helps me to be aware of being present in my life and being grateful.


This image pretty much sums up one of my favourite moments that stopped me in my tracks.  Freshly washed sheets on the line.  Sunshine.  Bees were hovering in the nearby tree.  The tree was smelling exactly how Spring should smell.  The chickens were playing (being annoying) under the clothes line. 


Yep.  Freshly washed sheets on the line.  One of my most favourite things.


What's yours?

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