Wedding Season

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With Spring and Summer well and truly upon us now, you know what season it really is?  Wedding Season!  How many invites have you received this year?


I love weddings.  I love the ceremony and the tradition, the getting all fancied up and a beautiful meal with friends and family.  I love the decorations and the carefully selected music, the fresh flowers and even matching bridesmaids dresses!  There's something so old world and romantic about the day.  Do you know what isn't romantic?  Money trees.


Now please, I love money.  I also love receiving money.  I also don't mind giving money, not at all.  It makes perfect sense when couples have been living together for the last five years.  But doesn't this recent trend of giving money to the happy couple sit at cross roads to the romance of the day?


Maybe this is because wedding gifts became unimaginative?  Hello picture frame?  Blender?  I was only thinking about this recently as I am trying to streamline how I decide what makes it into my home.  Does the item bring me joy?  Does it tell a story?  Do I love it?  Which got me thinking about boring kitchen appliances and whether any of them bring me joy?  Which got me thinking about my parents toaster...


My parents have been married 37 years and they still treasure gifts they received at their country garden wedding.  Even the obligatory toaster which only stopped working about 5 years ago (I actually had no idea it was an original 70s toaster!  I thought it was purchased to look retro cool, not actually BE retro cool!) and as it was used on a daily basis was a constant little reminder about their happy day.  Every single morning as they waited for their toast to pop on their round orange Sunbeam, they remembered their wedding, they remembered the romance.


I cheated a little when it came to my wedding, as despite loving all the details when I attend a wedding, I had no interest whatsoever in actually planning a wedding.  So we eloped with a few close family members.  However our nearest and dearests were too sweet and we came home to some very sentimental and coveted gifts.  An over sized wooden framed mirror that sits proud of place in our lounge room, an outside fireplace which is used every winter for memorable evenings with the couple who gave it to us, a set of timeless stainless steel cutlery we use for every meal as husband and wife.  We were also very lucky to receive money from family and we put it towards buying the most expensive and warmest woollen doona ever made and every winter when it makes it back onto the bed I am reminded of who contributed towards it and how much I love them (and the doona!  Best investment I've ever made).


So just have a think when you attend a special friends wedding this romance season.  Yes cash is always nice, however remember you have the chance to give the happy couple something that will become part of their lives together, something special and memorable.  And if you're a couple about to be married and receive gifts of lovely cash, put some aside to buy yourselves something you never normally would allow yourself to buy.  Some art, some super special bed linen, or dare I say it... a puppy!


Have a think about the gifts you've received over the years?  What gifts have become part of your family and puts a smile on your face everytime you see/use it?


Looking for a gift to give this wedding season or for yourselves from money gifted to you?  Here's some ideas!


Bed linen :: Practical and beautiful.  Organic bed sheets will last the couple their entire life time, will be used nearly every day and will be witness to some of the most eventful moments of their lives.  Perfect choice!  Shop sheet sets and doona cover here.


Art :: A beautiful illustration or painting doesn't have to be expensive and will be treasured by your friends  Custom illustration by In the Daylight.


Table Cloth:: Traditional, yes.  However a beautiful piece of linen will become the background of many family dinners over the years complete with red wine stains and little Tommie's chocolate handprint. Available at Bonnie & Neil.



Heirloom Recipe Book :: A gift for the foodie couple, a beautiful custom made recipe album will be pulled out for special occasions to make Nanna's Christmas rum balls.  Available at lorgie, handmade in WA.  



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