Tea for Two - Mabel interviews Lauren from Victoria

December 09, 2014 2 Comments


Welcome to 'Tea for Two'!  Mabel has been wanting to do this for quite some time, she wanted her own little space where she can chat with you, our lovely customers as well as introduce you to some of our inspiring retailers and other small businesses we admire.  It's an opportunity to chat and be nosey, to dig deep into the controversial issue of top sheet vs no top sheet and to really just have a bit of fun.   I look forward to getting to know some of you better and see how your Mabel goodies are helping to create memories in your home and Mabel is looking forward to getting out her very best teapot and playing host!


Our very first guest to chat with Mabel for Tea for Two is a long time customer of Mabel, Lauren from Geelong Victoria.  We've had some adventures along the way with some postage and washing minor dramas but I'm so proud that Lauren has a much loved collection of Oh Mabel linens living with her family.


Hello Laura!


Where do you live and with who? Geelong, Victoria


Which Oh Mabel lovely product calls your house home? Who is the lucky soul who sleeps with Mabel? We are lucky enough to have a few little treasures from Mabel, Ziggy, Cowper St, Yellow Pinwheels, Eloise & Betty in Rogue. My wonderful husband and I have the pleasure of sleeping with Mabel and occasionally our two little cherubs


Favourite Mabel memory/moment?

The thing that I realised when we were off one weekend camping was that I really didn’t think I could sleep well without Ziggy so off he has come camping with us ever since. {Oh I camp with Ziggy Zaggy as well! -Mabel}


What do you currently have on your bedside table?  I have a bedside chair and it has tissues and the book I am currently trying to get my head around, Raising Girls.


Bed time tunes? I don’t go to sleep with tunes but my 8 year old daughter has set countless alarms on every devise that we own, all with different tunes from The Madden Bros to Joseph and his Technicolour Dream Coat (song for school concert).


Favourite breakfast eat in bed? For that matter, last time you got to eat breakfast in bed?! I am sad to say I am not really the breakfast in bed kind of girl, I have been an early riser for a long time now, not sure if that will change. But I do love soft boiled eggs on a muffin with spinach and some Vino Cotto with a strong cup of tea. {Bliss! -Mabel}


Do you have a special textile or pattern that holds a special memory for you? I don’t really have a special cushion or fabric, but I have the old wall clock from my Nan and Pop’s old house.

If you could choose anything in the whole wide world:

What would you spend your days doing as a career? My husband asks me that question daily, and I struggle, I have too much fun with the girls I think but will have to start thinking about it now the girls are getting a little more independent.

Where would you live? I am happy here, it would be hard to leave all our friends and the girls have such wonderful friends.

Who would you get to cook for you everyday? Other than Pete Evans :) My husband and I enjoy the time spent in the kitchen talking, planning and cooking and maybe a glass of wine or two.

What special talent do you wish you could have? Hmmmm! Magician 


If you could go back and give your teenager self some advice, what would you say? Don’t forget to love and have fun.


Fast Five:

Top sheet/no top sheet? No top sheet

Make your bed every morning? Yes

Sleep on left side or right side? Right

Usual Bedtime? Late. 11ish

Night owl or Early riser? Both, like to burn the candle at both ends.


Thank you so much Lauren!  You truly sound happy and content and I'm so glad Mabel has found a home with your family.


Would you like to have a chat with Mabel?  Get in touch, we'd LOVE to hear from you!

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Sarah {Oh Mabel}
Sarah {Oh Mabel}

December 09, 2014

My absolute pleasure Libby! Thank you for your comment! Sxo

Libby Boyle
Libby Boyle

December 09, 2014

What a lovely idea. I really enjoyed reading this chat with my morning break coffee. Thanks so much.

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