Remember When...Christmas memories and summer holidays

January 07, 2015

Remember when we lived in our mountain homestead and we had our daughter's first Christmas.  Remember the smiles and laughs we shared with our families as we all acknowledged how very special it was and how lucky we were.  Remember the hours of entertainment that was the wrapping paper, and wasn't there piles of that!


Remember our very first family road trip to the beach.  An annual tradition for the two of us and now it is three.  Remember the sunshine and little toes in the sand.  Remember how we took in every single special moment and memory.  Remember mango juice dripping down our hands and the search for sun appropriate hats and fish and chips under the trees.  Ah yes christmas holidays, I will remember you!


Happy 2015 everyone!  I hope you have had (or still having for some lucky ducks!) a safe and happy holiday season.  I hope there were many little moments that brought a smile to your face and added to your lifelong memories.  Be it a smell in the years to come that will bring you back to the smell of your Mum's ham marinade of Christmas of 2014 or a colour that is familiar to the beach towels you had on your January 2015 beach holiday.  Life to me is about living in those small moments and being aware of them so that they can be cherished and remembered.  I know I'm always going to remember the sight of my husband and daughter lying fast asleep on Mabel's Pinwheel sheets in an original 1970s caravan down on a friends farm.  The mix of new and old, a sense of security and happiness of family and friends.


Remember when...


What memories will you create this 2015?


Sarah & Mabel xo




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