Tea for Two - Mabel interviews Jodi from Gippsland

May 29, 2015 5 Comments


I am so excited to finally share this customer interview with you.  I have been sitting on it for nearly two months and for that I apologise because it really is such a lovely behind the scenes look at a family who works and plays together. 


Jodi and I have passed emails between us a couple of times when ordering her Mabel sheets and she always has such lovely things to say, particulary to tell me that Mabel linen reminds her of her Nan (her name was Mabel - perfect isn't it!).  The fact that Jodi and her family are dairy farmers has a special connection for me as my grandparents were dairy farmers way before I was born and this interview gives me an inkling of what life must have been like for them and for my Dad as he was growing up.  I think it also explains why my Dad is still an early riser!


I love Jodi's values about family and cherising home.  I have a feeling you will too.


 Hello Jodi!


Jodi's Background:  We are a family of six who dairy farm in gippsland. We have always been dairy farmers, however we recently took 18 months off, packed up all the kids, bought a bus and ventured around Australia. It was AMAZING! We always talked about doing it and finally when that day came, we said our goodbyes to family and friends and up the middle of Australia we went. To take the kids with us was a challenge but extremely rewarding at the same time. We spent some of our time in indigenous communities trying to learn more about our history, the kids even spent a term in an indigenous school, it was certainly an experience. I had a shy ten year old girl and being at this school brought her out of her shell. She learnt to speak up for herself, be heard, it was inspiring. We also learnt the value of quality not quantity and cherish what you have. Sometimes it is the simple things in life that matter the most. When we returned home I struggled with all our 'material things' and found it difficult to cope with how much stuff we had that we didn't need. The kids and I had many trips giving those 'things' to the charity store in the hope that some child would cherish what my children and I don't really need. At home we try and grow our own food. I have just planted a vegetable garden, my tomatoes have done very well, I am not a green thumb so am fumbling my way through, we have our own lambs, beef, pigs and chooks which we feed and butcher ourselves. The kids have been brought up in this lifestyle so they are very aware where their food comes from and how it gets to the freezer. This year, as we settle back into dairy farming I am trying to think about quality not quantity and what that means for my family. Oh Mabel was one of my first decisions, to sleep better we needed a better quality sheet, Oh Mabel ticked all the boxes. My husband sleeps better and my two year old who HAD dry skin now doesn't suffer with all his dry patches. So when Sarah asked me to do this interview, I was honoured but apprehensive at the same time. I can only share my little story and hope you like it. X 

{What a special and inspiring story Jodi.  The journey you took as a family sounds like it changed you all, amazing.  Sarah xo}


Where do you live and with whom? Gippsland, Victoria, with my husband, four young children, a kelpie puppy Tilly, our pigs Trevor, Narelle and Brenda, dairy cows, beef cattle, sheep, lambs and our six chooks.


Which Oh Mabel products call your house home? My husband and I are lucky enough to sleep with Pinwheels and Eloise, although my two year old loves his 'Windmills' which is my king size pinwheel sheets doubled over on his single bed, do not try and take them off!


Favourite Mabel moment?  Probably knowing that my choice in sheets has my husband who works from 4.30am till at least 8pm, 7 days a week (like most farmers) sleep better with Oh Mabel bedding than any other, is a no brainer for me.


What is currently sitting on your bedside table?  My jewellery and a book, Unlock Your Style by a blogger I love Nikki at Styling You. {Isn't she fantastic! - Sarah xo}


Bed Time Reading? Unlock Your Style, I am trying to make better wardrobe decisions and only keep the clothes in there that I love and feel good in.  {I'm doing the exact same thing Jodi - it makes daily wearing decisions so much easier and I feel less cluttered! - Sarah xo}


Bed time tunes? We don't do music in bed. We have a tv on the wall but it's hardly used.


Favourite breakfast eat in bed? For that matter, last time you got to eat breakfast in bed?!  I don't get breakfast in bed, we are all up by 6am, the kids go and help wash the yard and feed the animals etc. and this is my time to exercise. The last time I had breakfast in bed would be when I was in hospital having my children, does that count? Lol!


Do you have a special textile or pattern that holds a special memory for you?  Has to be crochet! My mum tried to teach me recently but I suck at it. My mum has crocheted a large bright blanket for me which is at the bottom of my bed, I love it. My nan was exceptional at crocheting too.


If you could choose anything in the whole wide world:


What would you spend your days doing as a career?  Beauty Editor - so I could try all the new products and review them for everyone!


Live: big farm house with huge verandah around the whole outside with plenty of room for entertaining or just sitting on a gorgeous old love seat and watching the kids play on the grass.


Cook: I love to cook, in an ideal world I would just love someone to decide what to cook that the whole family will eat and enjoy!


Talent: more patience


If you could go back and give your teenager self some advice, what would you say?  love, cherish and adore.


Fast Five:

Top sheet/no top sheet? No top sheet

Make your bed every morning? Make my bed everyday, never use too, but it's so much nicer at the end of a long day to hop into a made bed, when I have time I make the kids beds properly too, like my nan taught us, with no creases and all tucked in perfect, even the pillows had to puffed and straight.

Sleep on left side or right side? Left side, always closest to the window

Usual Bedtime? Usual bedtime is 8.30-9pm, kids (7.30pm for the two younger ones, 8pm for the older two)

Night owl or Early riser? Early riser, husband 4.30am, kids and I, 6-6.30am


Thank you so much for sharing your story with us Jodi and thank you so much for putting into words what Mabel is all about.  I feel truly honoured that Mabel's sheets shares your values and are treasured in your home and that they are helping you have a well deserved sleep each night.  I am sure they will be bringing your family very fond memories for generations to come.


Sarah & Mabel xo

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May 30, 2015

That was so good to read Jodi.. I have now got the chance to put my first set of shhets on my bed thanks to a beautiful friend Kel. I can’t wait to share my experience x


May 29, 2015

Thanks for sharing ohmabel with me too! From you recommending them to me, I now sleep with Mabel and my husband! Ha ha xx


May 29, 2015


Thanks for being a Dairy Farmer – it’s such hard work and long hours! i loved your story and found it very inspiring.

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