July 06, 2015



Thought it was completely overdue to say hello and tell you a little bit about myself and Mabel!  My name is Sarah and Oh Mabel is my little organic bedding business. I am the owner, designer, production, finance and office manager, packing assistant, post office driver and overall strategist - Phew! Mabel is my gorgeous make believe alter-ego who flits in and out of my day suggesting colours and patterns and leaving me to interpret and do all the work. Fickle is my dear Mabel!


I am a wife to a Park Ranger and we are super lucky to raise our family smack bang in the middle of a National Park.  


I am a mother to two beautiful girls, 14 month old Joscelyn who I spend every morning with in bed watching the sun come up over the mountains and three year old Elinor who passed away when she was only two hours old.  I spend every hour of my day with her in my heart.  


Both of my girls bring me so much joy and are the reason I create Oh Mabel.  I don't just want to create beautiful and unique organic bedding.  I want to give you a reason to stay in bed just a little bit longer with your new baby.  I want you to remember the first quilt you bought with your boyfriend, now husband. To go to bed a little earlier to re-establish your relationship with Jane Austen.  To pull your quilt off your bed and onto the couch to watch your favourite movie.  I want Oh Mabel to be part of the good and bad in your life.  To give you comfort.  To be your life’s backdrop.   Oh Mabel isn't just a brand, it is SO much part of me and my family and I hope you enjoy Mabel in your family as well. Good night my friends xo





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