The Heartbreak Sale

July 08, 2015 4 Comments



My disaster could be your dream come true


Mabel and I are having a SALE. This is the sale I hoped I would never ever have to hold, and which I am heart broken to have to do. But it does give me joy that my disaster is going to make you guys happy - hopefully!!


As you know, Oh Mabel products are produced using certified organic cotton and I have been so proud over the years to be able to support a small family business in India as my manufacturing partner.


Sadly there have been some changes and the little business has become something much bigger. The lovely lady that I had first established a relationship with is gone and the business has been handed over to younger, entrepreneurial men. Don’t get me wrong, these guys are awesome and amazing but their focus has shifted, with growth comes change.


Although I am proud to see their business flourish, the values and standards I loved are no longer upheld and I am devastated to say that some Oh Mabel products have suffered as a result.


Last year was a production nightmare but I thought it had all finally been resolved and Oh Mabel products met all my high standards. Whilst not the most expensive brand of bed linen out there, I do realise we’re also not Target prices, and I believed that the quality were true markers of the value of my sheets.


Sadly though, it has been brought to my attention, by a small handful of customers, that there have been some experiences of pilling on Oh Mabel fitted sheets. Pilling! Pilling is the worst! Who wants to run their feet over smooth cotton sheets to find rough patches of lint balls? No one ever!


I have questioned a number of customers, and have done some testing for myself, and the pilling does appear to be very limited on a small number of sheets sold. The difficulty is that the pilling is very random and not limited to just one design or size. I am so horrified that this has occurred at all that I am now too embarrassed to sell my beautiful sheets in case I disappoint another lovely customer.


One disappointed customer is too many for me.


I am a proud business owner and I wish to be completely honest and transparent about this issue with you, my beautiful Oh Mabel fans. If I continue to offer sheets that may have a pilling issue at a high value price point I run the risk of running my business … well… out of business.


This is simply not an option for me. I still have too many beautiful moments to share with you all!


As far as I can see, clearing the affected stock at adjusted prices is the only way I can move forward and continue to run my business with a happy conscience. Therefore, all organic cotton sheet sets are now on SALE to clear.




Thankfully the most likely scenario is that you will not experience ANY pilling. However, the sale is intended to take  into account that the fitted sheet has a very small chance of pilling and may not be suitable for long-term use. The pillowcases and top sheet should not affected by these issues at all and will remain a firm favourite in your linen cupboard for many years to come.


As for future production? The search has begun for a new organic fabric partner to produce some gorgeous new designs I have in the pipeline.


My promise to you, my beautiful Oh Mabel fans, is that all new products will continue to be of the highest quality and standards and uphold my beliefs of using sustainable and fair trade production methods.


For those who are currently dreaming on Oh Mabel sheets, please do get in touch with me if you have experienced any pilling. Also, for everyone, please do email me if you have any


Oh, and as for the quilts?  They are just perfect.  Phew!


Thank you so much for understanding and I hope you get to benefit from the sale!


With love

Sarah & Mabel xo




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July 10, 2015

Your ethics, intentions and product are bloody awesome from where I’m sitting and whilst it’s unfortunate that this has arisen it won’t shake my love of your beautiful brand x C


July 09, 2015

I’m so sorry that this happened to your gorgeous business and in order to assist you with your clearance I’m only too happy to take some stock off your hands.
I’m sure your customers love your product too dearly and dream of one day owning some and so will not abandon you due to this bump in the road.
I know I certainly shall not.

All the best

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