Oh hello there Spring!

September 01, 2015


I dreaded winter this year.  I didn't think that I would be able to get through the -16c nights, the frosts that froze the car doors shut, the endless cutting of wood (I added that for Mr Mabel!), not having water until mid afternoon and frozen finger attempting to open frozen gates at 7am in the morning.  

But you know what?  We survived!  It's Spring!  And I can honestly say I only have pretty fond memories of this winter gone.  Drying Joss in front of the fire after her bath, playing in the snow on the first day of winter, the gorgeous breath taking days as the fog lifts from the mountains, watching the kangaroos in the frost and all of us snuggling in bed on the mornings where there is no sun, no warmth, no water.

I of course have just jinxed myself.  It may be 1 September but I can guarantee winter will now give us one last burst of her mighty winds.  But not today.  No. Today is magnificent!

Happy September lovelies xo

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