I wish you were here

September 04, 2015

Today is the two year anniversary of our stay at Gudgenby Homestead in the Namadgi National Park.  For two years I have looked out of this window every day and happily watched the natural world unfold around me.


I have tried so many times to produce video footage of what happens out of this window but not once has it turned out to be even close to being as awesome as it is in real life.


I would love to show you the little baby male kangaroos practising their boxing, their mothers giving them a clip over the ears and then return to ignoring them.  The once a year territorial battles of our all male magpie colony.  Apparently they fly in from all over the place to battle it out on the rock just outside this window. It's seriously a Magpie Hunger Games. 


Pietta the platypus who lives in our river and comes up to play.  The herons, kites, plovers, red robins who live in our yard. Our 'Ellie-Eagles' the Wedgies that nest just up from our house and who represent the free flight of our oldest daughter.  The wood swallows who make their nests on our windows where we get a view inside and watch the eggs become fluffy balls of feathers until they start to learn to fly on our door frames.  Joss's birdies we call them. 


The howl of the dingoes during a full moon as they look for their mate.  The seasons of summer, autumn, winter and as it is now, spring. Even in Australia I can watch what the change of season does to the landscape and the creatures that call it home. 


I wish I could show you the stars at night, completely unhindered by city lights.  The silence that brings peace but also the nightly noise of the frogs in the window that sing us all to sleep.  The shade of blue that spans across our mountains or the black angry clouds that visits across the valley.


I would love to share all of this with you.  Instead, I encourage you to take a day, and get out to a National Park near you.  There are so many beautiful pockets of park that are preserved for you and your future generations, that are just waiting to be explored.  Just a day will fill you a sense of calmness and give you a sanctuary against daily pressures.  Take Dad for a picnic.  Lie down under a gumtree.  Be still.  And enjoy.


And please let me know if you do!  Let's share our experiences! 


Sarah & Mabel xo



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