All our wishes for a new year

January 01, 2016

Oh Mabel Vintage Inspired Bed Linen Happy New Year

I'm not one for new year resolutions as I like to set new intentions every month to help keep me inspired and motivated but one thing I do like to do at the end of each year is to have a look back and appreciate the moments and memories that we have experienced.
It is has been a massive year both for my family and Mabel.  But massive in a good way.  Personally - this is the first year in quite a long time that there have been no huge upheavals. We have been able to settle in as a family and enjoy our time together.  We have watched our daughter grow into an amazing little girl who inspires us to be better people.  
We survived our second winter at Gudgenby.  Snow, ice, frozen water, constant wood chopping, frozen little fingers but with only memories for snuggles in front of the fire and crisp walks crunching through the snow.
Mabel's year has certainly been up and down!  We somehow navigated our way through the experience of finding our products weren't all 100% up to our standards and rather than wallow in the unfairness of it, we plowed ahead and with your support found a place of acceptance for myself as well as be able to treat you, my wonder customers!  (link to the heartbreak sale)
Most of all though, what I will most remember is finding my feet within my small business.  Thinking that I knew all the ins and outs of running a business but then realising there was something missing.  I was missing from my business.  My connection with all of YOU were missing from my business.  And so, instead of hiding and being only about my products and my brand, I scared myself silly by walking out to be with  you and share my passion with you.  And you met me there.  The support and love you have shown for my Oh Mabel is a feeling I will carry with me always.
So at the start of this New Year, as I look back and document the moments I will carry forward, I will mostly remember You.
Happy New Year my friends!  I hope there have been so many moments and memories that you will be taking from 2015 and ensuring it was a year that will not be forgotten.  That it was a year that was lived.

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