A year of fresh beginnings

January 23, 2017

Oh hello!  And hello 2017!


I'm not a big fan of setting new year resolutions but I am very passionate about having dreams and figuring out how to get those dreams off your pretty little organic pillowcase and into your world.  Or in my case, off Mabel's organic pillowcase and into my world!


Mabel and I have always had big dreams, and the dreams for the next five years are pretty huge.   BUT, this year is not going to be about big milestones and big goals.  Oh no, not 2017.  This year is going to be about going back to basics and laying the groundwork for Mabel’s future.


And I couldn't be more excited.   As you may know, both Mabel and I have had some traumatic bumps in the road since Mabel began.  Losing my daughter in 2012 was and still is something that stops me in my tracks most days and I know that will be a life long recovery.  For Oh Mabel, it is the repercussions of releasing a product that did not meet my high standards due to a manufacturing partnership not meeting expectations {and hence the Heartbreak Sale in 2015}.


The subsequent years have been a series of reactions and mending rather then choosing our own directions.


And we've both said enough!  It's our time now and we're ready for 2017 to be about reconnecting with all things we value.  For connection and meaning and living our values.  To living our purpose.   To live with excitement and happines and sharing that joy through our products.  To living and promoting a life that represents the change we want to see in the world.  It will mean little steps and this year will certainly see Mabel take little steps forward but they will be beautiful little steps.


So what are we working on?


New Partnerships New Makers


Oh the due diligence on this one has been huge!   What makes this a longer process than most is the questions that we ask. It’s asking who the makers are, what do they believe in, how do they treat their workers, how is the raw material being sourced and how are the farmers treated, what are pay and work conditions, what education opportunities are available and so on.  Plus of course, the detailed questions on quality and lots of testing on my end (which is the fun part!).


A wonderful new partnership is starting to take form, again in India with a small dedicated team of makers. We are about to go into detailed sampling for a new range of sheet sets and then production will begin.  Yay!!  From there, we are looking at another 3-4 months for production to be completed and have my new gorgeous lovely Oh Mabel products shipped out to me and then make their way up to the mountains where I can then hide them in my attic.  Or find them all lovely new homes!


New organic cotton sheet range


As part of my theme for 2017, the new range is going to be teeny tiny small.  We’re going back to the ground roots of Oh Mabel.  We’re starting again.  The first products to come out of my new partnership in India will be sheet sets and standard doona covers in 3 designs.  One design is a firm favourite of Oh Mabel’s already, another is a collaboration with an amazing designer who worked with me on this over a year ago now and I’m sure she’s desperate to get her hands on her sheets already!  And the third is a new design that doesn’t even involve print… ooh the suspense!  While not printed she is very much inspired by memories, and texture and pattern and I think you will love her.


All sheets are made from gorgeous luxurious organic sateen cotton.  You are going to LOVE the new fabric!


New Australian Made Wool Blanket


A year in the making and made right here in Tasmania, by one of the oldest wool mills in Australia, these wool blankets are going to be super soft, and super big.  Big enough to wrap around a king bed and to keep a whole family warm this winter.  A traditional and sweet design in hues of blue there are going to be only 32 in production and they will come in their own box custom engraved with your family name.  They are a true investment piece and I can not wait to get them out into the world.  Expect to see them released to my mailing list in March this year (join our mailing list here for first dibs!).


New Quilted Doona Covers


In the tradition of favourites such as Ziggy Zaggy and Cowper St I will go back into production half way through this year to get new quilted donnas out to you.  Designs have been in the works for years but finding the right production method that doesn’t involve factory or trade labour is not easy. I am excited about making these happen though and creating something beautiful but useful in your everyday life that also represents the tradition of craftmanship and lifetime heirlooms.


New Stores 


As you know, Mabel is a kinda old fashioned type of gal.  And I know that one thing that irks her the most is that I sell everything for her online.  She doesn’t get the satisfaction of seeing customers gently stroke her fabrics or gasp over her designs.  I just know that she has a grand vision of Oh Mabel being sold in gorgeous country towns with cottages, verandahs and a tree-lined Main Street filled with the general store, the baker, the butcher and the candle stick maker. While I let her envisage 1927 I would like to fulfil her dream and get Oh Mabel out into the stores that you would love to visit.  Beautiful homewares and gift stores that Mabel could only dream of.  In that, I would love to ask you, are there any favourite stores that you would love to see Oh Mabel in?  If so, hit reply and let me know!


And onward!



So that's a little bit of what's going on in mine and Mabel's world.  Little steps forward and lots of big dreaming about our future.  It's going to be a fun journey we're all going to take together and I am so looking forward to what this year is going to mean for us all. 


In the meantime though, while Mabel takes her little steps and I do all the hard work to put her plans into action (seriously Mabel!), please do check out our handmade cushions and pillowcases.  They are truly special and were made with you in mind.  For your memories, for your moments, for your amazing life.  So much love and attention has gone into these creations and represent my beliefs in toxin free fabrics, freedom and safety for manufucturing industries around the world and the tradition of craftmanship.  Organic pillowcases in vintage inspired designs, sustainable linen cushions and throws can all be discovered HERE.  


Lots of love

Sarah & Mabel


P.S - You can also find a lot of behind the scenes over on Instagram (here) and previews of new products will be available though Mabel's mailing list (sign up here).  If you know someone who shares our our vision of joy, creation and sustainability I'd love for you to send them over!  Share this blog post or tag them on social medal, Mabel is forever hankering on about not knowing enough people (you'd never know though by the amount of tea parties she throws!).

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