Is your clothing toxic?

June 09, 2017


I love it when you read something that says what you want to say but just so much better than you ever could!  And Goop says it so well in this article.

Thanks Goop. A great table of additives to avoid (aka chemicals and serious nasties) that are involved in the manufacture of textiles and especially cotton.

I particularly love this question as I see so many people ask this about bed linen:


How important is it to wash your clothes before wearing them?


It is very important! What we put on our bodies is just as important as what we put in our bodies, and many of the dyes and finishes added to conventional textiles contain chemicals that are known skin irritants. Many people think of cotton as “natural,” but between the pesticides and herbicides, chlorine bleach, and toxic finishes, even “natural” fiber clothing isn’t so natural. Formaldehyde (it’s in much of the clothing made overseas) is a known carcinogen (and less critically but significantly, it’s also a skin irritant). Consumers are particularly susceptible to rashes from harsh chemicals used in making athletic clothing, underwear, and socks because sweating is involved, opening the pores and allowing the body to absorb more chemicals."

So if you apply this to bedlinen it is even MORE important to wash your sheets before you use them as you are rubbing your body and face all over them!  The exception being... GOTS certified organic cotton bed linen of course!  

You can actually use Oh Mabel products straight away without washing them which is good news for those impatient ones amongst us!

This is all reasons why I only use GOTS certified cotton for our cotton bedding. Using a certification gives me comfort that every single step of the process of producing our beautiful Oh Mabel sheets are not using harmful substances that end up in your sleeping environment.  

And one of my favourite benefits with GOTS organic cotton is that the people who are farming the cotton are now safer, healthier and paid what they are worth. Because that's the way it should be.

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