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February 20, 2018 3 Comments


Mabel and I are so very very honoured to be interviewing the lady behind Mabel's new floral design, Polly's Garden.  Please meet Jessie Miles, the gorgeous curly haired lass behind stationary brand In The Daylight.

Jess and Mabel have had a relationship for some time as Jess is the illustrator behind Mabel's portrait for this very interview series.  Isn't it the sweetest?

I had been a long time fan of Jessie's work for years and it just happened that at the same time I was considering a collaboration for Mabel I saw one of Jessie's customs portrait illustrations which she used to do for for families and cute couples.  One particular cute couple had this lovely floral pattern and I knew it was Mabel all over.  

It was such a joy to work with Jessie on the Polly's Garden design and it was a treat to be able to learn more about her here.

Grab a pot of tea and 10 minutes or so and enjoy a behind the scenes chin wag with Jessie Miles from In the Daylight.

Where do you live and with who?

I live in Brisbane’s inner north with my husband Rick and our two Samoyed fur children Ebony and Riley.

Which Oh Mabel lovely product calls your house home?  Who is the lucky soul who sleeps with Mabel?

My husband and I get to sleep on the gorgeous Polly’s Garden sheet set every night. They are so soft that even Mr IntheDaylight allows the pretty florals, even if they are not very manly.

 Favourite Mabel moment? 

I just love spending time in my sheets on the weekend when we actually get to lay in bed and appreciate them. They also make our Samoyeds look really white and pretty in photos which is very important for their Instagram feed 😊 Shameless plug - @livingwithsamoyeds


{cutest puppies in the whole wide world @livingwithsamoyeds}

What do you currently have on your bedside table?

A lamp, my phone, the book I’m reading, a box of tissues, a glass of water and a tube of moisturizer.

 Jessie Miles In the daylight

What are you currently reading in bed?

I am a big reader, so this month it is The Secret Keeper by Kate Morton

 Bed time tunes?

I’m not a great sleeper, so I listen to a ‘rain’ track on the iPod each night. I can’t fall asleep without it now.

 Favourite breakfast eat in bed?  For that matter, last time you got to eat breakfast in bed?!

Ha, I don’t think I have ever got breakfast in bed, but I can’t really blame that on my husband – I don’t like eating in bed (I’m a messy eater, so it would just be one more place I’d have to clean up).

Do you have a special textile or pattern that holds a special memory for you? 

I think it would have to be the quilt my Grandma made for me. She was a crazy good knitter, sewer, quilter and loved lots of bright (old lady tacky :p ) colours. I’m pretty sure she offered to make me a quilt throughout my entire childhood, and like a typical teenager I had no desire for one or to learn how to make one or to learn how to knit or sew (which I now regret because I can’t sew to save my life). When I got married, she offered to make one for our new house and when I finally said yes, she made it all in light beiges and whites because she knew I didn’t like colour. It was really sweet of her.


If you could choose anything in the whole wide world:

What would you spend your days doing as a career? Being a professional puppy (or any baby animal) cuddler, and if that doesn’t pay enough – renovating and flipping houses with my husband.

Where would you live? In a big house overlooking the ocean on the coast with a big deck and floor to ceiling windows.

Who would you get to cook for you everyday? I think probably Donna Hay. I love everything she does. But would honestly be happy with ANYONE cooking for me. I used to love cooking before I started my own business, but now it is the last thing I feel like doing at the end of a busy day. I make so many decisions for my brand that working out what to make for dinner nearly pushes me over the edge some nights 😊

What special talent do you wish you could have?

Maybe to be able to sew (see above :p) I remember trying to learn in home ec classes and sitting down at a sewing machine, somehow managing to jam it up and then moving onto the next machine and hoping no one would notice, and then jamming thatone  up too! 😊


If you could go back and give your teenager self some advice, what would you say?

Aw man, about to get personal here! I had a really crappy time as a kid/ teenager, so I would tell little Jessie that things are going to get so much better than you ever could have imagined. I wasn’t good at the classic school classes - Maths, Science and English, only art. And I had teachers tell me that you can’t make a living out of art or being creative, which is totally the opposite of true, so I would tell her to remember that.


Need any major life advice from Mabel? 

Why can’t I make my bed every morning!? I really want to, it looks pretty once it’s done, but I just can’t bring myself to do it….

Mabel - Well if I was there I would do as I do to Sarah and grab her by the ear and walk her down to the bedroom and glare at her until she gets her hospital corners so straight and crisp that I could send it as an envelope.  But alas, you poor girl, you are without my guidance so I suggest doing as Sarah does when she thinks I'm not looking and just pull everything up so at least it's not in an unsightly bundle at the foot of your bed.  You'll thank yourself that night.

Sarah - Blame the puppies :) 

Top sheet/no top sheet?

Of course top sheet – are you mad! :p

Make your bed every morning?
Nope, totally wish I did though because I love how it looks, but I am way too lazy.

Sleep on left side or right side?
Right side of the bed and lefthand side of my body!

Usual Bedtime?
About 10pm

Night owl or Early riser?
Night owl, but my husband is an early riser, so I normally go to bed around the same time he does and then just read (or to be more honest – waste time looking at Insta and Facebook). Our Samoyeds put themselves to bed when we do, so we all go into the bedroom at the same time and call it “Den time”.


Shop Jessie's design for Oh Mabel 'Polly's Garden' here

Visit Jess and her store In The Daylight here

In The Daylight Instagram here

And those gorgeous puppies here



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