Mabel's top 5 tips for creating a healthy sleeping environment, for body AND mind

March 20, 2017


It was Sunday morning.  At 6am.  At this time of year the sun is still asleep, as are the birds.  It’s dark and silent and being a Sunday morning at 6am it’s a perfect time to keep sleeping.


Until a pillow flew across the room and woke me up as it landed squarely on my face.


Alarmed, I quickly sat up, quilts and pillows flying.  From the dim light coming through the doorway I make out a bodily shape with a flowing nightgown.  I’m even more alarmed at finding a Mabel standing in my doorway, clearly cross, with arms in front of her chest, glaring eyes and furrowed eyebrows.


With a sigh, and what I know will be regret, I ask ‘Mabel?  What is it?’.


Another pillow flys across the room, again hitting it’s target.  My head.


Frustrated beyond belief I stumble out of bed and follow Mabel into the hallway.  As I said, it’s 6am.  It’s dark.  It’s way too early to be up to this nonsense.


I follow the flowing nightgown down the hall and into her bedroom.  Before I can enter her doorway though I find a fistful of papers being flung at my face.


“Mabel, if you throw one more thing at me this morning before I have my cup of tea I’m going to…”. Before I can suggest the suffering she will endure under my revengeful hand she cuts me off with a glance and points at what appears to be a pile of numbers and facts.


“Fine”.  I glance down at the letter and I start to understand.  Mabel is troubled.


She looks up at me “Why does no one KNOW this?”.


Indeed Mabel, indeed.


And so, under Mabel’s strict instructions I give you her top 5 tips (orders) for a healthy and restful sleep, for both body and mind.  And which I would also like to note that she woke me up from a healthy and restful sleep to give me these 5 tips so I would like to add tip number 6 being “Don’t let a slightly eccentric crazed night owl lady named Mabel sleep in your house”.



Mabel's top 5 tips for a healthier sleep, for body and mind



  1.  Do not rest your precious face on toxic chemicals!

          Oh Mabel organic pillowcases for a healthier sleep


You would think this is common sense but you would be so surprised by how many people do not now this and which is the number one reason Mabel is kept up most nights.  Conventional cotton is the most pesticide loaded crop in the world.  And these pesticides are carried through into the final cotton material we use for everyday items in our home.  No matter how many times they are washed.  Certified organic cotton on the other hand is grown the natural way, without pesticides and other harmful chemicals which means the end material isn’t exposing you to potential health problems caused by all these nasties used to kill things (like bugs and weeds!).


I know that replacing all our household textiles with organic cotton can be a big investment but I do recommend starting out small and making sure that the place we lay our head on for 8 hours a night is as beneficial to us as possible.  Start with organic cotton pillowcases.  Not only is this a less expensive start to upgrading but more importantly, this is where your precious skin, face and breath rests all night and we really need to make sure we're keeping that space free of toxins. Plus, if you choose a colour or pattern that sings to you you will be able to mix them up with your existing linens and also with your new organic sheet set upgrades 😃 


  1.  Bring some greenery into your bedroom



Creating a healthy sleeping environment for body and mind
{image credit Hitta Hem}


 This is definitely Mabel’s favourite tip!  Having a plant in your room is like having a natural air sanitiser.  They breath in dirty air and pump out good clean air for us, all night long.  Plus they help us connect to a world bigger than us, Mother Nature.  Smart little green beings that they are!  If you’re like me you will want to try to find something that is hard to kill.  I haven’t found what that is yet but Mabel suggests a ZZ plant for those with a brown thumb like me. 


 3.  Remove all technology


Your bedroom is your sanctuary and if your sanctuary is reading your kindle or watching your favourite late night shopping channel I totally understand.  However for the sake of good sleep please consider removing all devices at least half an hour before sleep.  This could mean having a special drawer for your kindle, iPad and phone and a scarf or throw to cover the tv.  The light and emissions emitted from digital technology is not conducive for a healthy sleep so best to remove them entirely.


4.  Sleep in your favourite pyjamas


How to create a healthier sleep environment

{organic nightie by Alas The Label}


Oh do!  Have something that you just love and feel amazing in.  You wear this outfit more than any other outfit you own.  Every single night for hours and hours.  Choose a beautiful fabric (preferably organic for the reasons in 1 above), choose a pattern and colours that sing to you and feel special.  Because no matter how your day has gone you deserve to feel amazing at the end of the day. And the same goes for your bedding but that’s a whole other post!


5.  Be grateful


A grateful mind helps a better nights sleep

{image source Be A Heart}


You all know that having a daily gratitude list is the number one thing we can do to improve our mood and mental health, right?  And I believe that by thinking grateful thoughts right before sleep can really help us to settle easier and do away with all those self doubt thoughts that creep in during the night.  Rather than have the same grateful list each night though I find that I like to think through my day and come up at least 5 little moments that made me smile.  Doing this rather than generic "I’m grateful for my family” I find I come up with special little things that I would have forgotten.  So rather than “I’m grateful for my my daughter” I would think  “remember that time today when my daughter followed her dog around like a lost duck underneath the apple tree and the afternoon sun glowed through the leaves".  Somehow it makes a world of difference to my mood and outlook on life and it especially eases my mind into a restful sleep.


And so my dears, these five little tips are, ironically, what woke me up in the early hours of Sunday morning.  Sleep and time for rest and restarting ourselves is so essential to our wellbeing and I hope you can incorporate at least one of these tips.


And of course, for a toxic free sleep and a good start to upgrading to organic cotton bedding please check out our range of handmade organic cotton pillowcases.  In a range of colours and patterns they are a great way of not only ensuring a healthier sleep and so many great benefits for your skin and lungs but they are also a great way of adding personality into your bedroom.  Something you will be remembered for 💛


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Oh Mabel Organic Vintage printed pillowcases

{image credit Practising Simplicity}

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