Mabel's End of Season Sale

August 01, 2018

Oh Mabel sale to clear everything

Conversations from the table of Mabel PART 1

Mabel: I don't have room to move in my 947 Gilera Saturno San Remo *. 


Mabel: Did you hear me? 

Sarah: Yes. I just don't understand a single word you said to me, why you said them to me, or what an appropriate response would be.

Mabel: I said, I don't have room to...

Sarah: Yes yes yes but why? And what?

Mabel: We don't say what darling. Regardless, I am moving in my 947 Gilera Saturno San Remo because I'm doing it up to go touring and so I need some more room in our studio and I know how much fun you're having playing shop and all but it's really time I had some more room for myself and I would like to ride with the wind in my hair. So. Darling. Please have all these sheets out of here and out to new homes where they belong. 


Mabel: Is something wrong with you? I said...

Sarah: You want me to clear everything out? EVERYTHING?

Mabel (eyeroll): Yes! I don't want to see a sheet in here!

Mabel marches out with a measuring tape.

P.S * The 947 Gilera Saturno San Remo 499 cc motorcycle produced 36 HP at 6000 rpm giving a top speed of more than 100 mph. The 265 lbs machine was available in race, touring and trail versions. Apparently.

Oh Mabel to clear everything


Mabel's Orders

And so, upon Mabel's orders, it's time to clear the decks!

As Mabel is hitting the road (apparently) we have halted all new productions which includes reprints of sold out designs.  I'm going to take the time to make the most of my family which means... 

This may just be the very last chance to get Mabel in your home (oh the tears!)

Everything must find new homes so there is 30-40% off ALL sheets, pillowcases and cushions. Limited sizes remain, only while stock lasts.

I can't WAIT to get Mabel out to you!

shop now >

With love, 

Sarah & Mabel 

Sale notes:
1. No further discounts apply. Please don't add on additional discount codes, thank you 
2. Shipping for sale items are flat rate $9 within Australia or FREE for orders over $250 within Australia. 

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