Mabel's Favourite Simple Pleasure - Sheets on the Line

February 12, 2018

clean bed sheets

Is there anything more pleasurable then watching your newly cleaned sheets on the line? I love seeing Oh Mabel bed sheets on the line, the warm breeze performing their cleaning magic, anticipating the best nights sleep of the week.


Sheets on the line

Oh don't get me wrong, I hate laundry day as much as the next household with 2 or more children!  But there's one part of laundry day that has actually become part of my own self care routine.

There's so many benefits of having your sheets drying outside on the line.  Firstly there's the cleaning benefits as there is nothing that freshens, cleans and brightens more effectively than sunshine and fresh air.  Secondly, that exact same benefit is what our tired worn bodies need as well! 

I take the time to hang the sheets, take my shoes off to feel the grass on my feet, take deep meditative breaths and enjoy the view.  Joscelyn runs around picking dandelions and playing in the sheets and Clara plays on a blanket at my feet, cooing at air fairies. 

Sheets on the line are truly one of life's simple pleasures.

And then of course... after you have dry sheets.. life's second simple pleasure.  Clean sheets on the bed!


Children running under sheets on the line

Sheets on the line | Country Living


Clean Sheets

Need some clean sheets on your line for next weekend?  Mabel has you sorted!  Her organic cotton bed sheets were made for warm breezes and outdoor memories.  And of course, for that clean sheets on the line feeling!  Our newest designs are available now, just waiting for a new home AVAILABLE HERE


Clean sheet day

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