Mabel's letter of love #1

September 12, 2017

"My dearest 

I know you are finalising the details on our newest range of sheet sets but I must interject before it is too late.

You will hear my views on the new designs that we MUST include but first I must insist there is one design that you can not let go.

My Pinwheels.  My golden happy bursts of sunlight Pinwheels.

They were my first design you know.  And I know they are your favourite too.  They remind you of your daughter Elinor.  I know they make you smile.

And they've made it into hundreds of new homes who love them as dearly as we do.  So why take them away?

Please dear Sarah, let's make sure they stay.  There are too many homes that still need that burst of colour.  That childhood nostalgia of playing in long grass and flower fields, running to catch the wind with our toy pinwheels.  And don't you dare suggest that only those as old as I had childhoods with such memories.  Do you not wish for those memories for your sweet children?

Plus, the colour reminds me of my favourite petticoat.  The one with the embroidered fringing and it got the whole dance hall talking because who would DARE to wear a yellow petticoat in public.  Oh please, such simple folk of those times.  Me?  Wear white like everyone else?  Hardly.  

So Sarah.  It's unanimous then.  

Pinwheels are staying.  In all their yellow organic cotton glory.  

I'm so glad you came to the same conclusion with such little persuasion.  I knew you were not nearly as silly as that.

Oh so exciting!  Right, I'm off to talk to a lovely young lady who does the most brilliant illustrations.  She's going to create something new for me, did you know?  I'm sure YOUR illustrations are just as grand... but you know... sometimes a new set of eyes is a breath of fresh air!

Until next week.

Yours, as always

Mabel xo"

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