Mabel's Letters of Love #2

September 19, 2017

"My dearest 

Thank you for your response last week to my letter confirming Pinwheels will be continuing as an Oh Mabel icon.  And I'm sure I have no idea what you are referring to darling by suggesting it was your idea in the first place. You only came across this wonderful idea after I suggested it to you just last week.  

You must be wondering where I am now?  I'm sure you will be most jealous as you spent so much of your childhood in this sunny area of Queensland.  Yes, I'm in Brisbane! Complete with parasole as I'm sure one is not supposed to be exposed to so much sunshine when one has the delicate skin and complexion of a early 19th century English rose.

Talking of English Roses... remember some time ago when I discovered the most sweetest of portraitures of a couple and the portrait included little English Roses in the most sweetest of pinks?  I believe I had you print it out to include in my diary so I might enjoy the fresh interpretation of my favourite flower.  

Well, you would never know it but I have many talents and sleuthing is very much one of them.  I have managed to track down the gifted fingers of those beautiful fresh roses and they belong to the most loveliest of ladies.  You would adore her.  Together we have enjoyed countless cups of teas as she and I discussed all our favourite things.  

We spoke about creating a new floral design that fills me with joy as it reminds me of the vintage floral wallpapers found in your dear Nanna's house yet with a breath of fresh air that will be so loved by not just you but by our long time Mabel devotees.  Oh they are going to swoon.  SWOON.  And the colours!  The colours!  All of your favourites are there, and oh so perfect for Spring.  Apricots and corals, sage and eggshell blue and deep stormy hues of navy and grey.  I'm so in love young Sarah.

And I just can't wait to have this new design on our new luxury organic cotton.  Can you picture the floral in your head already?  Well imagine waking up to such beauty and comfort every single morning.  Oh la!

Oh, and dear Sarah.  I'm sure your illustration would have been just as wonderful.  Truly.  But just you wait and see... this design is THE. ONE.

Send me your thoughts as quickly as you can my dear.  Because Jessie's floral is already in production but of course your opinion is always valued.

Yours, as always

Mabel xo"

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