Mabel's Letters of Love #3

September 26, 2017 2 Comments

My dearest 

Oh I knew you would love Jessie and her design for us just as much as I do!  And there's no need for all that defensiveness about your own designs.  I did say I'm sure yours were just as good.  I'm sure I don't know where all this neediness comes from.

So oh la la my love!  Guess where I am?  My favourite city of all time - Paris!  And you will never guess what crossed my mind last night as I blew out the candle before bed.

Do you remember that time I pointed out to you the photo of the delightful French embroidered cotton that my own mother once brought back from her last Parisian experience?  Come now, you know the one.  I'm sure you'll never forget it just as I never can.  The very one you let your gangly dribbly dog 'Phil' jump up and take off the line and which he then used as a comforter.  Yes that one.  Or what was left of that precious fabric linking me to my memories as it was rather ruined, nothing left but tatters and mud.  

If perhaps you could have had a more sensible dog like my Pekingese Shirley Livingstone Rose we would never be having this conversation and reminding you of such poor manners...

But, as you know I do not hold grudges and the memory of this occasion has given me the most remarkable idea!  Are you heading in the same direction here my dearest?  Here I am, enjoying a cup of tea in bed, surrounded by the most beautiful embroidered bed linen which I'm sure must of been handed down through generations, and I'm reminding you about another French embroidered linen that your own hand (and hound) touched....

"So... what do you think?  Shall we create our own sweet lace inspired linens?  Bring our memories alive again, and create new ones in the homes of many?  In less destructive way clearly, but memorable nonetheless.

Yes, lets! " 

No need for a response I'm sure.  I'll be on my way home with the new linens packed away in my case with your requested rose water jellies before you even receive my jolly letter!

Yours, as always

Mabel xo

P.S - perhaps your 'devoted' hound might not be with you when you pick me up?

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