Mabel's Sweet Goodbye

September 20, 2018

Conversations from the table of Mabel PART 3

I walk through the double glass doors into Mabel's sunroom. Eagerly anticipating sitting down in the grand old velvet arm chair and putting feet up on Mabel's piles of books. To watch as Mabel starts her routine of tea making amongst a chaos of boxes and ribbons and memories from countries and acquaintances near and far. To listen to Mabel's tales of nothing yet everything.

I'm stopped in my tracks. The sunroom is empty.

Rays of sun come in through the windows, with dust bunnies floating up in the lazy spring air.  All the books are gone. The tea sets. The boxes of memories. The bed sheets. 

Mabel. Mabel is gone.

Tears stream down. A sense of sadness and loss. And then a smile. A smile and a gleam of excitement. Imagining Mabel's adventures. And of things yet to come.

I turn back through the door. Standing there one last time, letting the memories fill me up completely. I say goodbye.

And I whisper into the silent room... "not forever Mabel, not forever".

Oh Mabel beautiful bed linen

Oh the tears! The email I've avoided sending.

It's our last week. Our very last week and probably our second last email to you (because I have to say one last thank you!).

And so, until that last email, please take an extra 10% off the sale prices of our very last pieces. You might find a couple of smaller sizes left and there are still King sizes in Pinwheels and Hettie. 

Use code SWEETGOODBYE at checkout. Shop our sheet sets here.

With love, 

Sarah (& Mabel from a far flung adventure)

P.S - I promise I haven't killed Mabel! Promise! She's safe and sound on her 1930s touring motorcycle in Europe I believe. I'm sure she'll be in touch with some random new idea soon. 

Sale notes:
1. Shipping for sale items are flat rate $9 within Australia or FREE for orders over $250 within Australia. 

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