Memorable gifts for a new home

March 08, 2018

Is it just me or is everyone on the move at the moment? Lot's of moving houses, moving states, even moving countries.

Sometimes moving can be scary, as it is with every change but more often than not it's very exciting. Whether it's someone's very first home they've just bought, a new home to be shared with a new partner, a larger home for a growing family or a simpler, more perfect home just for them, moving into a new home can come with so many emotions attached.

And then of course, there's turning that new home into YOUR home. Filling it with items you love, then with moments, and they all become memories that become attached to that home.

Have you moved recently? What did you do to make your new house feel like home? 

For me and Mabel, the first thing we do is to make sure our bedroom is a clean space so no packing boxes make it into the room. Then we just put in the essentials to start with, our beds, our bedside tables and our drawers.  Of course, we make up our beds perfectly. Either freshly cleaned sheets or for something really special, especially for a new exciting house, brand new sheets go straight on the bed. I'll light a candle with a familiar scent and make sure I have some of my favourite photos out.  The rest of the house may be in packing box hell, but at least I'll have this one room, my sanctuary and somewhere exciting to anticipate new adventures.

And if it's someone I know who is making the big move, I like to gift them something special that will help them to make their new house a home.  Things like candles, a gorgeous house plant, a throw or a beautiful set of pillowcases make memorable gifts for a new home.

Oh Mabel Housewarming Gifts

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