Mum Hack 101 :: Organic pillowcases make perfect bassinet sheets

February 07, 2017

 When Erin, one of my lovely customers, shared this image of her gorgeous daughter as she outgrew her bassinet it created a mum hack sensation!


Did you know you could simply use a pillowcase to cover your bassinet mattress as a sheet?  Which means you save on having to buy new tiny sheets that will only be used for a few months?  And if you use your organic pillowcases you know that your baby is sleeping in a non-toxic environment.


I've had babies.  I've had bassinets.  I've had organic pillowcases galore in my linen closet.  Did I ever connect the dots?  No!


Use your existing pillowcases or invest in some new organic cotton pillowcases in pretty prints to use when bub moves out of the bassinet which really has you saving money!  If you like the look of the pinwheels used by Erin here (which are sold out) you might like these pretty yellow alternatives available for $109 per pair.  



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