Oh Mabel Organic Cotton Pillowcases - Handmade by a community to bring you joy

May 11, 2016

Oh Mabel Organic Cotton Handmade Pillowcases

Oh Mabel organic cotton pillowcases. These are a project born straight from my love of quality, connection, community and kindness. The organic cotton is produced by a business in India, dedicated to improving farming and working practices. The printing was done by hand by the beautiful family behind PrintInk Studio in Melbourne. The designs are created by me, from memories of my childhood. The pillowcases are constructed by me, or my Mum, on a old school industrial sewing machine that has been loved by many hands before me.

Quality cotton, a community of global and local makers, connection between love of life and the products in our lives and kindness. Kindness in choosing everyone's welfare is equal to our own and kindness to ourselves in choosing joy in our lives.

Oh Mabel organic cotton pillowcases. Available in 5 different designs or colours, packaged in a beautiful organic muslin bag. All online here from $109 per set.

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