The 'Why' behind Oh Mabel

May 23, 2017



Yesterday morning I was getting ready and putting on my uniform of late, jeans and a white long sleeve shirt.  As per most days I decided I needed a splash of colour and my mind instantly went to yellow.  It always goes to yellow.  It's my happy colour :)


Instantly I went into regret.  I used to have an enormous double length, warm, cosy yellow scarf that I adored.  I assumed I had thrown it away.  I really wished that I had that yellow scarf to put on, I knew it would have made me smile.


It was the scarf I wore throughout my pregnancy with my daughter Elinor.  This photo above was taken only days before she was born and then sadly passed away.  Five years ago.  I don't have the original photo anymore.  I wished I did as you would see the gorgeous yellow of this scarf I loved so much.  The reason I love yellow so much (and which coincidently is the yellow of Oh Mabel's pinwheels...).  I thought perhaps that I had thrown it out because it's memories were too painful...


I turned to my wardrobe to sort through my scarves, to see what scarf would 'make do'.  And you would never believe it.  Right there, right at the very, very back, behind every other single colour, was my enormous, double length, warm, cosy yellow scarf.  I had kept it.  I must of known that one day I could wear it again.


Instantly I put it on.  I smiled.


I went out to meet my husband.  He saw the scarf.  He smiled.


And then I cried.  But then I smiled.  


And I smiled all day.




This is the power of textiles.  Of colour and pattern.


Yes, I want to bring you happiness when you receive any product from Oh Mabel but what I truly want is for Oh Mabel to bring you that same connection with love and life as my yellow scarf did yesterday.


To one day pull out your Mabel pillowcases from the linen cupboard and smile.  Not at the pillowcases.  But at the memory it invokes in you.  Of a time when Mabel was sitting there quietly in your life, the background to something small, like watching your daughter practice her first ballet recital in your bedroom or  even the big moments that can take over everything.  Or the everyday moments, the nights in bed with a good book or lazy Sunday mornings.  Of the happiness or sadness, because both are important.  But to treasure what that memory means to you.  


That is the 'why' behind Oh Mabel.  


Thank you for being part of my memories.


Love Sarah & Mabel xo

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