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Are you a fellow business owner? Do you work on your own?

I know my biggest struggle in business over the last 8 years has been how isolating it can be working on my own and how good I am at avoiding doing all the things I should be doing because there's no one telling me to stick to schedule! Namely writing things. Like newsletters to you guys, or blog posts, or posting to social media to share all the amazing things we do here at Oh Mabel. I enjoy doing these things, and I love planning to do them. I'm just not very good at doing them consistently. 

Does that ring any bells for you?

Thought so!

Which is why I'm using my alter-ego Mabel to take others to task and created a Content Mastermind!

Think of an online space where you and I, and 12 or so of our friends meet up every week. I'll create a dedicated hour and a half just for us to get.things.done. Great to get your content planned and implemented for your business. 

I'll help you come up with your content plan and we'll all check in every week at a set time scheduled in your calendar and together we will make it happen. The power of peers is a strong motivator to follow through on plans. I've learnt this through masterminds I've been a participant of in the past. I might be A-OK to let my own plans fall by the wayside but I never missed a call with my 'gang'. Let me be your gang.

No more, "oh I need to put that on the calendar", or "maybe I'll try to get that done after I drop the kids off, check Instagram, find recipes for Reece's peanut butter cups, have a nap...". I'll be YOUR Mabel. Your task master. 

Imagine how good it will feel knowing you've got dedicated time to tick a major part of your to-do list off every single week.

Sound good? Secure a spot below! 

Or sign up here here to find out about other courses we'll be offering. Exciting things ahead!