Content Mastermind & Action Group Q4 2018

Starts 8th October 2018. Only 12 spots available!

Because I know all too well the demands of running a small business and keeping up with ALL the things you know you should be doing, I've created a small intimate Content Creation Mastermind to set your business plan and implement all your content for the rest of the year.

  • The details!

    - 10 week mastermind just in time to finish the year strong.

    - We'll start with a workshop on Content - Why we need it, Who it's for, Define your Audience, Where to publish it.

    - We'll create a plan so you know what you'll be working on each week.

    - We'll get together every Monday night to check in, brainstorm, support but most importantly WRITE. Yep, just like a classroom but online. It might seem weird a group of people getting together online and sitting in silence (yep, super odd) but it works!! Better together remember!

    - Private Facebook Group with tips and inspiration and content workshops and for me to crack the whip during the week.

    - Time to put together a plan for 2019.


Who it's for:

Fellow shop owners! In fact you're probably me 5 years ago. You've created a gorgeous online presence, you're in love with your brand, you want to share your creations with the world but you just a) don't have time b) overwhelmed with the to-do list c) don't know where to start or what should be prioritised over what or d) spend too much time procrastinating looking at other people's business comparing yourself. STOP THAT! Come join me and let's share what you do with the world.

How it works:

Each week on Monday night (because we are all juggling either kids or a job!) we'll get together as a small group and write our content. Our first session on 8th October will be a workshop to discuss what content we should be creating, for who and where to publish it. Then we'll brainstorm together to find the right content for YOUR business and plan it out for the remainder of the year. 

Then, each week, we'll get together and review our plan and discuss how we're going. I'll keep you accountable to your plan and help you when you get stuck. And then we'll WRITE. Yep, just us as a small group putting our heads down and writing. Think of it as a dedicated space just for you to move your business forward. It's in your calendar. You have a group of like minded businesses scheduled to meet with you. You'll have a plan. No more having 'writing' on the bottom of your to-do list which never gets done. No excuses. 

I'll be there to give feedback, provide guidance and support and hold you accountable to get it done!

What sort of content:

Anything that you need to write and get out there to keep your business moving forward! We'll talk about how to focus on the right sort of content for your business so you don't feel overwhelmed by ALLL the things we're told to do. We'll talk about your email newsletters, blogs, social media and published articles and how they can benefit your business.

What will you achieve?

Peace of Mind and Inspired Action! Plus of course having those emails sent, those blogs posted and your social media captions perfectly on brand and doing what they should be doing - showcasing what you do and getting lovely people to buy your lovely things. How good will it feel knowing you have that dedicated time and space for getting the work done and out there. Feels pretty good doesn't it? You'll be finishing the year with a bang that's for sure!