About Oh Mabel

Hello and welcome!  My name is Sarah and I am the owner and designer behind Oh Mabel.  

I started Oh Mabel in 2011 as a bed linen brand that showcased colour and pattern and texture. Because that’s what I loved.  I made sure that I only used production methods and materials that were environmentally and socially conscious.  Because that’s what I believed in.   

Then, in 2012, everything changed. I held my newborn daughter as she passed away.  In that one moment life turned upside down.  My values changed.  What I wanted from life changed.  What I considered important in life changed.  What I wanted to be in this world changed.

And so did Oh Mabel.  Now, I create Oh Mabel to be part of the values I hold so dear.  I want to inspire you to slow down and treasure the little moments in life that are the building blocks to who we are.  I want Oh Mabel to be there as the backdrop to those moments.  To be the anchors for memories that hold us close to ourselves and to the people we love. To be the connection between the goods we buy and how they become part of our life stories.

And so now, six years down the track, I still love colour and pattern and texture.  Even more so!  Life is too short for beige!  And I still believe in only using materials and production that care for the environment and the makers and communities involved.  Because that’s how I want the world to be.  But now there’s also more.  Now I also treasure life.  And love.  And stories.  And family.  And connection.

Oh Mabel is the culmination of all of this.  Yes, I want to bring you happiness when you receive any product from Oh Mabel but what I truly want is for Oh Mabel to bring you a connection with love and life.

To one day pull out your Mabel pillowcases from the linen cupboard and smile.  Not at the pillowcases.  But at the memory it invokes in you.  Of a time when Mabel was sitting there quietly in your life, the background to something small, like watching your daughter practice her first ballet recital in your bedroom or  even the big moments that can take over everything.  Or the everyday moments, the nights in bed with a good book or lazy Sunday mornings.  Of the happiness or sadness, because both are important.  To treasure what that memory means to you.

Who ::  Sarah Power Pint seized but feisty at 155cm tall  Lives :: Namadgi National Park ACT Australia Loves :: Country boy turned Parks Ranger Husband met and married in Scotland UK Children :: Elinor 2012 our forever baby Joscelyn 2014 New baby Oct 2017 one confused kelpie and one even more confused retired red chook Favourite colour :: yellow and rainbow (but not the flavours) Totem animal :: Wedge Tail Eagle Special Powers :: Hospital corners and hugs.  Staring out windows.  Procrastinating. On life ::  Not to be taken too seriously.  Do all the good stuff.  Never settle.  Make your bed.  Laugh...Often.  Kindness - Wonder - Appreciation.