About Oh Mabel

Hello and welcome! Thank you for visiting and being a part of the Oh Mabel community. My name is Sarah and I design and produce vintage inspired organic bed linen for you to treasure as a special addition to your home and life.

Patterns and textiles have played a large part in defining moments and connections to special people and memories in my life. Seeing a particular shade of green or feeling the warmth of a woollen blanket brings up memories of hugs from Mum, sleeping in the back room at Nanna’s house (the one with the crazy wallpaper!), the celebration of a new family member or my childhood knitted softies lovingly made by my Gran.

I created and launched Oh Mabel in 2011 as a way of celebrating the nostalgic side in all of us and to re-establish how products can be treasured and interwoven in our lives. Home is your sanctuary and over time it will be filled with moments and memories. Bed time is the ultimate sanctuary and Oh Mabel has been designed to be the backdrop for your memories. Since launch, Oh Mabel has woven her way into the hearts of customers and helping create memories in homes world wide.

Last year I wrote a little hello and talked more about why I do what I do, read it here.

I hope Mabel will be joining you for a lifetime of special moments and memories:

A first night in your very first home, you’re surrounded by boxes not having the energy to start unpacking but you have fresh sheets on the bed and it already feels like home.

A girls night in for a movie marathon, quilts and pillows on the couch, mountains of popcorn and endless supply of chocolate and gossip until the sun comes up.

One of ‘those’ days, when you feel the world is against you and you can’t possibly get up to put that smile on again, so you don’t, you snuggle down under the doona with a cup of tea nearby and watch the clouds race past the window.

Coming home to find the kids have pulled apart your linen closet to built the worlds most colourful and beautiful sheet fort in the dining room. Better join them!

Visiting your grown daughter in her new home and being shown to the guest room and realising she’s stolen your floral sheets you bought for your first home 25 years ago.

Sarah xo


The products

Oh Mabel bed linen is made from a 300 thread count cotton sateen which is designed to soften after every wash. You will find that within a few uses and washes your Oh Mabel sheets will give you such a sense of softness on your skin that you may never get up in a morning, and for that I apologise!

I design all products at home in a rural homestead high in the mountains of the ACT, Australia and production takes place in India by a dedicated and family oriented business.

All products are 100% GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified organic which means that the entire production cycle, from cotton seeds to final label placement is controlled by strict standards that ensure no harmful processes to the environment or workers are used in making the product and that all employees have fair working conditions and wages. Read more on why I use organic cotton.