Stockists & Wholesale



Oh Mabel would love to be part of that oh-so-good feeling you get when you walk into a store that is filled with beautiful products that makes you tingle all over... you start planning what will be gifted to who and where what will be placed in your home.  You know that feeling right?  And how many of those beautiful stores are owned by equally beautiful and fascinating people?  So many! 

We want to be part of that tradition and be available to people to see and feel how stunning our organic cotton truly is.  And that's why we'll be looking to have Oh Mabel available in some of your favourite stores over the next 12 months. 

Keep your eye out here as we announce new stockists soon!

And retailers, we would LOVE to hear from stores who adore their customers and gorgeous bedding as much as we do.  We love online shopping but we are crazy about walking into that perfect store and we never ever want that tradition and experience to no longer exist.  So please feel free to contact us at and we'll have a chat!