Positive Thought Starters

"Remember that day when you were on your usual afternoon commute on the way home from work.  It was starting to get dark, the bus was crowded and rain was pelting against the window.  As you watched racing rain drops you felt a pit of despair, of longing, of wanting something different but not knowing why or what.  Knowing the darkness could became all too overwhelming you fish around your handbag for the package your best friend gave you yesterday.  You had opened it but hadn't had time to really inspect what she had given you.  A small brown kraft paper tube opened up to a surprise of beautiful coloured cards.  You took them out and gently shuffled them between your hands.  One particular card fell loose and fell into your lap.  As you picked it up and turned it over you noticed that it had a question.  "If you could do one thing you did today again tomorrow what would it be?".  Further back in the bus and across the aisle an elderly lady watched the young lady with the cards, a beautiful beam of a smile spreading across her face, a distant stare out the window clearly thinking about something special.  Wondering what she was possibly smiling about on this woeful day, she too smiled.  And so it spread..."

I could not be happier to introduce you to these Positivie Thought Starter cards.  The dream of Clare Desira of Top Five Movement, these cards are a daily tool for happiness that fits into your daily life (and handbag!). They use the power of positive thinking to bring gratitude, beauty and presence into your life.

The simplest tool to increase your happiness.

(And it fits inside your pocket…) The practice of positive thinking is powerful. Really powerful. An overwhelming body of science says it makes us happier, healthier, more optimistic, more energetic… and the list goes on!

The Top Five Question Cards are a simple, effective tool to help you experience these benefits for yourself.

With these 50 thought-provoking prompt questions, you’ll be able to hone in on the high points of your day, figure out what truly makes you happy, and build a confident, constructive mindset so that you can live the way you want to live, and feel the way you want to feel…

It’s easy to spend your life wishing and waiting for that overseas trip, or that big career break, or even just holding out for the weekend.

But life is 24/7 – life is now! And lasting happiness is found by revelling in the little moments, not waiting for the big ones.

These questions will help you notice the amazing, remarkable, memorable moments that are happening in your life, each and every day. From the tiny to the tremendous, you’ll be enhancing your wellbeing and setting yourself up for success with every card.

You can use your cards to practice positivity in a bunch of different ways…


Instead of reaching for your phone to check your emails, use the cards to check in with yourself first and set your intention for the day.


Imagine if every time you were waiting – at the dentist, the shops, the bus stop – you focused on joy (instead of Facebook)?


It’s never too early (or too late!) to start cultivating the habit of happiness and positive thinking with your children. (Plus: kids love getting involved!)


Sharing the highlights of your day with your significant other can deepen your bond and strengthen your connection like nothing else.


As a conversation starter, these cards are the bee’s knees. Kick your event or party off on the right foot by sparking positive, uplifting (& fun!) exchanges.


Start a new family habit – everybody picks a card, and shares their answer. Guaranteed to get even the most reticent teenager talking! ;)


Got a loved one going through a tough time? These cards are the perfect way to show you care. Give the gift of positivity and watch them shine!


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